Beal Properties’ Guide to Your Chicago Apartment Glow-Up

While collectively in quarantine, a surge of creativity, desire to learn, and openness to try new things has led to countless individuals partaking in crafting projects, beautification of their living spaces, and the following of a myriad of different tutorials. Spending more time than ever in their apartments, countless tenants have engaged in various “nesting” projects to create personal sanctuaries, reach previously inconceivable organization levels, and revamp already existing decor. If you’ve missed the boat on the apartment glow-up, don’t fret, as now is the perfect time for an apartment overhaul. As the city begins to adapt to a “new normal”, and opens for business, this timing is a wonderful opportunity to finally create a window garden, upgrade your tableside accessories, or create a bespoke closet organizer. With over 30 years of experience as a leading real estate investment and management company, Chicago’s Beal Properties is well versed in the art of making an apartment feel like home. Below, Beal’s experts lend their sage wisdom for Chicago’s tenants looking to expand their apartment’s charm.

Minimize Hallway Clutter

In an apartment of any size, configuration, or layout, maximizing space is a key factor for creating a welcoming, clean, and clutter-free aesthetic. Most of Beal Properties’ Chicago apartments feature semi-open floor plans, which can be made further boundless by avoiding excessive clutter throughout high-traffic open areas. By avoiding clunky furniture in hallways, you can maintain wide open passage, creating a clean, open, and breathable area. To offset a feeling of emptiness, the experts at Beal Properties suggest showcasing art, family photos, or other wall-mounted designs on a lengthy hallway wall. To create a showroom look, they suggest utilizing a myriad of different frames in complementary colors and styles, and extending framed pieces throughout the length of an entire wall. For savvy online shoppers, finding great deals on picture frames, pre-framed art, and printing services will swiftly meet this need. For those venturing out, local artisan shops in neighborhoods like Andersonville champion local artisan creations, and may allow window shopping, local pick-up, or other shopping methods.

Mix Vintage With Modern

Historic buildings in Chicago are known for bespoke architectural detailing. From expertly handcrafted crown molding, to classic bay windows, many buildings feature craftsmanship indicative of their inaugural build. Many properties owned and operated by Beal Properties contain a beautiful array of original and restored architectural features, proudly highlighted and protected by Beal Properties. These vintage touches are seamlessly married with modern appliances, sleek finished, and thoroughly new touches. One of Beal Properties’ most recent renovations, located at 2900 N. Mildred Ave in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, combines classic Chicago architecture with sleek modernity. To play up both styles, the experts at Beal Properties suggest combining sleek furniture with vintage trinkets. By retaining a mostly modern furniture style, you can indulge in modern conveniences and comforts made available by new furniture, and create a sleek space. However, to add charm, vintage accessories can provide the charm that will pull out detailed crown molding accents. From vintage Bears gear, to weathered maps, there are endless local shops dedicated to eccentric homewares, local accessories, and the accessories that will bring soul into your apartment. Chicago’s many vintage shops provide authentic goods from yesteryear that can add character to any space.

Create a “Mud Room”

While entering your apartment used to be a seemingly thoughtless project, the ongoing global pandemic has created new routines for individuals entering their apartment after a venture outdoors. This new procession involves taking off a mask, hat, keys, purse, wallet, and maybe even shoes before immediately rushing to the nearest sink for hand washing. Thus, creating a bespoke area dedicated to a safe, seamless, and proactive entrance can make this process more streamlined. Maintaining a portfolio of over 90 properties within the Chicago area, Beal Properties professionals understand the unique needs of apartment dwellers, including this burgeoning need to create a safe entryway. They suggest adding a small table or stand in the entryway, complete with bowls or small containers for housing masks, and hooks for hanging keys, and other essentials. To complete the efficiency of this space, Beal Properties professionals suggest adding a hand sanitizing area for quick on-the-go sanitizing, and keeping disinfecting wipes handy for any immediate needs for compromised items, such as cell phones.

Invest in a Home Office Space

As working from home has become the new normal for countless professionals, the need for a bespoke space to conduct operations is crucial. According to Beal Properties, creating an office nook in an apartment can expertly foster a working atmosphere without the need for extensive space. If you don’t have access to an entire room to devote to home office operations, consider items that can easily transition a space. For example, creating an office experience in your dining room can be as simple as moving your laptop, a few office supplies, and a coffee mug into your dining area. When it is time to transition to post-work living, simply removing these items allows you to return to the space’s original intention. To keep things organized, undamaged, and in working order, consider purchasing a large storage container for transporting these materials. Some storage containers can even easily pass for furniture, like ottomans with hidden storage. For heavier loads, look for storage options on wheels, or ones that can be incorporated into a room’s already existing decor.

Add Some Greenery

If you’re an avid outdoor lover who misses basking in the greenery as much as possible, bring the outdoors inside with crisp, lush, and easy to care for plants. Many hardy varieties do not require extensive gardening knowledge, and can thrive in apartment settings. From cacti and mosses, to palms and snake plants, there are many houseplants to choose from. With retailers offering trendy and beautiful displays, like hanging terrariums and “living walls”, your greenery can even double as art. By adding a few living plants into your apartment’s space, you can relish in your love of nature safely indoors. 

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Food News

How Jack Landsmanas creates sustainable food security for Mexico

With technology growing and improving at exponential rates around the world, it’s time to start focusing on sustainability. That’s what entrepreneur Jack Landsmanas’ company Corporativo Kosmos is focusing on now: adopting and further developing sustainable practices.

As the leader of Mexico’s largest foodservice provider, Jack Landsmanas takes the initiative to invest in new technologies and innovations within the food industry, with the intent to give back.

The History of Corporativo Kosmos

Corporativo Kosmos was founded in 1959 by Don Pablo Landsmanas, Jack Landsmanas’ grandfather who strove to make a difference in his community. Before it became the powerhouse it is today, Pablo Landsmanas’ business began as a small butcher shop called La Modelo. With the passion and drive to create an impact on the world around him, Pablo created a company culture focused on serving others first, which organically grew into the ethical corporation it is today.

Now, under Jack Landsmanas’ leadership, the companies and organizations that comprise Corporativo Kosmos move tons of food every day, proudly serving and feeding communities across Mexico – honoring his grandfather’s legacy.

Sustainability in the Food Industry

Sustainability is all about looking at the big picture, making headway now to benefit the goals of tomorrow and on. This concept comes with placing value on optimization, reducing waste, and satisfying the needs of consumers today and future generations.

Jack Landsmanas believes that sustainable businesses are key to success in the future, but they’re also essential for supporting domestic and international economies, the earth, and up leveling the quality of life worldwide. He says, “We’ve launched a few sustainability projects with Corporativo Kosmos, but I think sustainability-focused ventures are the next big thing. If we can build a better battery, better solar panels, or more efficient water conservation solutions, we can save so many lives around the world. Life would be so much better for everyone. And the demand is there, too.”

The development of biotechnology is the first step to achieving sustainability: starting in the fields, all the way to the kitchen table. Starting with crop growth, biotechnology specializes in researching improvements for the quality of crops, reducing contamination, and preventing loss of crops from pest infestation.

This is where Jack Landsmanas takes sustainability a step further. Under his leadership, Corporativo Kosmos created a Sustainability Platform and established specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within the company per The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States’ long-term goals.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States established an agenda to work toward sustainable development by 2030, which includes a total of 17 Sustainable Development Goals:

  1. Ending poverty worldwide
  2. Ending hunger and malnutrition
  3. Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all
  4. Ensuring inclusive and quality life-long education and learning
  5. Achieving gender equality, specifically through the empowerment of all women and girls
  6. Ensuring the availability of quality water and adequate sanitation
  7. Ensuring access to clean energy for all
  8. Promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth and employment
  9. Promoting sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation
  10. Reducing inequality within and among countries
  11. Making cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable
  12. Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns
  13. Taking urgent action to combat climate change
  14. Conserving oceans, seas, and marine life and resources
  15. Sustainably managing forests and combating biodiversity loss
  16. Promoting peaceful societies, and preventing conflict and distress migration
  17. Revitalizing the global partnership for sustainable development

Essentially, Jack Landsmanas’s mission with Corporativo Kosmos boils these goals down to 3 main focus areas:

Zero Hunger

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States approximates that only 40% of produced food is consumed by humans and animals; the rest becomes waste. 30% of crops are rendered inedible due to pests and plant diseases, and consumers waste an additional 30% of food once it’s in their possession. With the proper use of biotechnology and utilizing ethical suppliers, less food will be wasted worldwide.

The next step toward achieving food security worldwide is promoting responsible production and consumption by establishing a circular economy. In a circular economy, resources are used for as long as possible, with every ounce of value extracted from the products while in use. From there, the leftovers are recovered and regenerated for as long as possible. Practically speaking, this means replacing plastic packaging with recyclable or biodegradable materials and investing in renewable energy sources.

Clean Water:

Water is a highly valuable and non-negotiable resource within the food industry. It’s used in every step in production and distribution. From growing food on farms, washing fresh produce, cooking, and sanitizing, clean water is an absolute necessity.

Jack Landsmanas specifically incorporates water-saving strategies such as the closed-loop system and vacuum evaporation.

Combating Climate Change

All resources ultimately come from the earth. With weather patterns becoming more extreme due to human-induced climate change, caring for the earth is more important now than ever before.

This is where Jack Landsmanas’ Sustainability Platform comes in. In addition to reducing waste, recycling where possible, and incorporating water-saving strategies, Corporativo Kosmos takes a more personal approach. Within Corporativo Kosmos is The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, which promotes the protection of the environment and promoting economic development in Mexico as a result.

In essence, Jack Landsmanas, Corporativo Kosmos, and The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation are all working a sustainable future for you, for them, for Mexico.


Socati Has Made a Commitment to Offering Its Customers the Best in Broad-Spectrum Cannabinoid Products

Known for its line of hemp and CBD industry water-soluble products and broad-spectrum cannabinoid oil, the Austin-based company Socati has experienced a tremendous wave of growth since its 2018 founding.

The firm is steadily building a significant base of manufacturing companies that have come to rely on its unique CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoid products with broad-spectrum qualities. Cannabinoids are at the heart of Socati’s mission, contributing to the innovative products that the company creates. Providing a wealth of benefits to users, the most notable of these cannabinoids are CBD and CBG.

The organization’s high-quality products are widely renowned for their non-detectable THC content. This element is essential for those who seek the effects of CBD without the intoxication that THC usually provides. In-depth studies have indicated that broad-spectrum products are ideal for these purposes and catering to a larger customer base.

Through the dedication to developing leading and innovative products in the CBD space, Socati has quickly scaled the ladder, becoming an impressive player in this exciting industry.

The Socati team recently announced that a new CBG water-soluble product is under development using microencapsulation technology. One of the most desirable aspects of this product is the fact that it is flavorless. Along with its broad-spectrum CBD oils, this product is one of the hallmarks of the Socati mission and a major factor in its increasing popularity.

Josh Epstein, chief executive officer of Socati, plays a critical role in the development of these outstanding health and CBD industry products, weighing in about the launch of the company’s latest product offering. The CEO notes that his company has utilized cutting-edge technology to manufacture these outstanding additives.

The development of water-soluble CBD is yet another big step on the journey that this impressive Austin, Texas-based firm is embarking on to make a major impact on the growing hemp and CBD industry.


Jimmy John Liautaud Stays Close To His Roots Even After Incredible Success In Life

Success can be measured in so many ways. For one person, it’s about being able to continue to enjoy the world he started while at the same time pushing for quality and staying close to his roots. Jimmy John Liautaud began with a single idea in his life several decades ago. After careful investigation, he realized that business would be his home. Further investigation rapidly revealed that he wanted to make the world of sandwich making his own. Basic, delicious sandwiches made from quality ingredients are at the heart of his venture. They continue to be his passion in life. While some might be tempted to move on or to decide to retire, he’s not one of those people. He’s someone who knows that one should never rest. It is this passion that keeps him going and helps him retain the roots while continuing to fly even higher in life. 

Serving College Kids

As a 19 year old, he was in touch with what others of his age had in mind when it came to eating. He knew they wanted a hearty meal and they wanted it there quickly. It was this idea that led to the idea that he could fill that need. It was his idea to open up a sandwich shop with an emphasis on some basics. The idea was that he could serve simple food that would be delivered any time the college students wanted them. College students didn’t need to head out in the cold weather to find him. He found them. For a single quarter, he offered them delivery services that would bring them a sandwich made from single yet very fine ingredients. It was an idea that made sense to him and helped him connect with his peers in a real way. 

Keeping It the Same

Not only did he work with peers to create something of lasting value, but he also offered them something that would remain consistent. As he expanded into new markets, the goal became to create a store experience that would remain the same for every single store. This enabled him to create an experience that would let his clients get in and out as fast as possible. He spent a lot of time thinking about all the details. He wanted to stick to the tried and true and make sure that his clients had the sandwich they wanted. With only a small selection of meats as well as a single cheese, this task got easier and allowed all those who chose to franchise from him a blueprint they could follow. It’s a formula that has continued to work for to this day. 

Moving Forward ProductivelyAs his business began to take off, Liautaud realized he wanted to sell off a piece of it to outside investors. At the same time, he also realized that it was important in his life to continue to keep close to the roots that made him such a success in the first place. It is a philosophy that has continued to form his worldview today. He still makes time to see what ingredients are going on the menu. Once a week he attends a presentation at the test kitchen. It’s a place of greatness for him where he can hone his technique and demonstrate his understanding of the world of menu creation. He thinks about this process from the point of view of every person who enters his empire of stores across the country. It’s the key to success for him.