Chanoch Harow’s Advice On How To Remain Positive During COVID-19

There are many instances where we forget that a pandemic is still a preceding issue in society. When the mask mandate first occurred, it was hard to get used to constantly having a mask on. Doctors like Chanoch Harow are doing their best to develop techniques on how to keep people safe while enlightening them with positivity. 

The first way Dr. Harow recommends how his friends, family, and patients can remain positive by setting weekly goals. That can include, “work out for an hour a day”, “read for thirty minutes” or whatever is suitable to the individual. Once a routine is formulated, it’s a lot easier to keep motivation high and be more productive during the week. There are tendencies to just sit on the couch and watch movies all day. In fact, that is not productive and doesn’t help keep individuals enlightened. Going on a socially distant walk or run is much more acceptable to keeping serotonin levels high. In addition, there can be planning done for each day. Each person in a given family can pick to do one activity or event. That way, all feel included and happy with the outcome of each day. 

Chanoch has developed a routine for his family that can be beneficial to anyone. During the summer months, he woke up his family every other day to go on a hike or a walk. This helps their lungs stay healthy and strong. Next, he would make sure they all took vitamins and supplements. Now, there are so many types of supplements available in grocery and nutritional stores. If his son is feeling under the weather, adding some green supplements to a smoothie might help boost the metabolism and immune system. 

Doctors have the responsibility of keeping their patients happy as well. According to Mass News, Chanoch’s wife, Rachel Harow, has never seen him so emotionally drained. Chanoch loves his job and that’s what makes him so good at it. However, with patients being at high risk, he never wants to disappoint them with bad news. Keeping a smile on his face is the first step in upholding his positive attitude throughout the workday. Unfortunately, as one can assume, Chanoch has seen patients get sick and it’s a very melancholy experience for him. The best way to stay positive during another going through an illness is by supporting them and ensuring that they are never alone. It is such a scary time and the last thing people want to feel like is as if they have to battle this illness themselves. Having a strong support system of nurses, family members, doctors, and friends is something that Harow values. Overall, the need to spread positivity in one’s own life and around others is very important. Many people need advice or support to remain willing to fight the pandemic. Chanoch enjoys looking at pictures, as listed below. Reminding himself of the good times his family had is very beneficial to his mental health. Picture and home videos mean so much to individuals and can really make people smile. Although it may seem like traveling will never be the same again, after time, there will be some light on the subject. With everyone remaining positive and fluid during these times, lots can be accomplished. Chanoch Harow’s family loves to reminisce about past experiences and memories to keep sports high. COVID-19 is unpredictable so that’s why the past should be treasured.

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