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Does Eating Healthy Stop COVID-19

Truly, the only entity that could protect a person from COVID-19 is a vaccine. That being said, other than masking up and staying socially distant, there has to be something else that can be done? Luckily, science has concluded that indeed keeping a healthy immune system can be key when avoiding COVID. Many experts in tea, like Helen Lee Schifter, practice healthy eating habits to maintain an adequate immune system.

In addition to eating healthy, we must drink healthy. By drinking warm teas that fill out immune systems with antioxidants and vitamins, our bodies will be more equipped to fight illnesses. Ginger, lemon, green, and jasmine tea are great ways to increase the wellness of your body. Teas are a cheap and easy way to also boost digestion.Of course, comfort food is a critical part of the winter season. However, just because comfort food is tasty, it doesn’t always mean healthy. Replacing certain food with vegetarian or fat-free options is a great way to stabilize calorie intake and remain healthy during winter. American food has always been very fatty and high in cholesterol, so trying other cultures’ food, that are much healthier, can benefit the body in many ways. Helen Lee Schifter has a luxurious palette of taste and recommends avoiding eating the same unhealthy food over and over.

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