A Foodie’s Guide to Making the Perfect Taco Seasoning

Looking to spice up your cooking? Taco night doesn’t have to be at the mercy of a taco seasoning packet you bought on sale years ago.

In fact, you don’t even need to purchase a seasoning packet. You probably have all the spices you need in your pantry. So save yourself a few dollars and get your tastebuds ready for a flavor-packed adventure.

Convenience food or prepared food is great in a pinch but often lacks that “it” factor that elevates a just okay meal to one that becomes a family favorite.

Finding the right seasoning combo is vital to a delicious meal. Read on to find out which taco seasoning ingredients can step up your game in the kitchen.

Taco Seasoning

Release the salt! Salt is one ingredient that is needed on almost every dish. In Mexico salt, lime, and ground cayenne people create the perfect trifecta when it comes to a popular fruit seasoning.

The combination of flavors not only makes the fruit feel like a more substantial treat but also accentuates the sweetness.

If you have access to Mexican oregano that would be a great addition to your DIY taco seasoning. Italian oregano would work just fine though. For a small kick black pepper, chili powder, and smoked paprika give your seasoning more depth.

I know a lot of you may be in a pinch for time so garlic and onion powder will work just fine, but fresh garlic and onion will not only give you great flavor but a nice texture.

Another aromatic you should definitely include in your taco seasoning is cumin. If the seasoning doesn’t seem hot enough for you go ahead and add crushed red pepper and cayenne. Looking for a smokier alternative, smoked chipotle powder is just right for you.

Our recipe workbook can help guide you through all your taco needs. So don’t be afraid to check it out, even if it just for inspiration.

Making your own taco seasoning can be a great way to save a few bucks, but it also lets you customize food to your and your family’s specific tastes. 

Finding the perfect mixture will be trial and error, a delicious error though. Once you find the perfect taco seasoning that meets your needs just make a large batch and store it in an air-tight container.

The Flavors of Mexico in Your Kitchen

No matter your protein beef, pork, and poultry the right seasoning mix elevates a dish to new levels. Imagine the possibilities the right spice mix can have on vegan alternatives like jackfruit, seitan, and tofu.

Being able to create your own mix helps you add the right amount of salt as a lot of prepackaged seasonings come with a day’s if not more worth of sodium. 

Creating your own taco seasoning allows you to control what is in it, and gives you peace of mind knowing you and your family will be receiving the best ingredients at your disposal.

Interested in learning more on how to spice up your life? Check out our other recipes.


The Outdoor Gourmet Barbeque Kitchen

Dinner parties are great, especially for the talented foodies and those with kitchens fit for chefs. But not everybody enjoys the atmosphere. However, when you go to a barbeque, you will be hard pressed to find people who aren’t enjoying some aspect of the experience. And everyone likes eating food prepared outdoors. Barbeques are the inclusive food party that everyone can enjoy. If your desire is to throw the best parties. You might consider that instead of dropping 30k on a kitchen makeover, perhaps you can become a legend by building the ultimate barbeque kitchen and throwing the best outdoor events.

  • Build Your Stage: Now is your opportunity to build that deck you have been thinking about, because you are going to need a place for the magic to happen. In the centre of the deck shall be the outdoor kitchen. Build up against your house so you have wind protection. Install some stone or slate outdoor cladding tiles for heat protection and to establish this as the barbeque zone. Now consider how many people will be your max attendance. You should design for a flow through pattern, like a buffet for people to select their items and fix their plates, a long island with cabinets underneath to store your outdoor dishes and condiments.
  • Assemble Your Gear: What you want to design is a proper outdoor kitchen centred around an oversized gas grill. You don’t want to be going into the house for anything. So in addition to the grill you want to have a gas stove with multiple burners. You’ll need an oven for warming, a microwave, a double length sink, a prep counter, a commercial deep frier, a smoker, and a beverage fridge. Above it all you want to have some weather protection, either a permanent roof or a rollout awning. Also consider that your appliances should be built in, and they should be covered in some way when they are not in use.
  • Become a Connoisseur: Now if you are going to go to all that effort, you need to have a few signature dishes. Everyone can make a decent hamburger or grill a steak, but if you master the smoker and have a legendary chilli, you are going to get some BBQ cred. And if you really want to make a splash, start introducing actual gourmet recipes to your backyard parties. There is no shortage of recipes, and websites like this one can guide you to becoming a backyard master chef.

Outdoor kitchens are not new, in places like Southeast Asia the outdoor kitchen is standard. It is an excellent way to keep your home free from cooking smells and all the atomized pollutants that slowly stain everything in your house. Outdoor cooking just feels better, and most people insist it tastes better. But above all, outdoor cooking is superior for entertainment. It is only a certain crowd that likes a formal dinner party. Hosting next level outdoor barbeque parties, especially if the food is outrageously good, is going to establish you as the entertainment master of the neighbourhood.


3 Things To Consider When Creating A Custom Kitchen

For many people, having a custom kitchen in their home is one of the ideal ways that they can make a property their own. Because different people enjoy eating and preparing different foods, it makes sense why you might want particularly appliances or accessories built right into your kitchen. But when you’re seeking out your dream home, you may not be able to find the exact property to suit your kitchen needs.

If you can afford it as part of your home loan, you may want to put some money into your kitchen in order to turn it into the exact space you desire. To help you in doing this, here are three things to consider when creating a custom kitchen. 

Keep Like Items Close

The actual setup of your kitchen should have a lot of thought behind it. The last thing that you want to have happen once you’ve gotten your kitchen just how you think you want it is to be working in there only to realize that the placement of certain items isn’t intuitive.

To combat this, the editors of Better Homes and Gardens recommend that you keep like items close together. For example, you’ll likely want to keep your fridge, sink, and stove near one another so that you can easily move between areas and surfaces. Ideally, you should try to eliminate the need to take steps in your kitchen so that you can focus entirely on what you’re cooking or preparing rather than having to spend your time running all over your space. 

Be Careful About Lighting

The lighting that you bring into your custom kitchen can make a big difference is how usable your space is and how easily you can do all types of tasks in that area. 

According to Melissa Dalton, a contributor to, you should try to have various light sources in addition to your basic overhead lighting. Some options you might want to consider could include under-cabinet lighting, task lighting over your stove or in the area where you prepare food, and mood lighting for when you’re eating in the kitchen. 

Choose The Right Location For The Sink

Where you place your sink can really affect the mood of your kitchen. If the sink is situated in a bad place, you may dread spending your time washing dishes or otherwise cleaning in your kitchen.

Knowing this, Sarah Lonsdale, a contributor to, suggests that you place your sink in an area where you’ll have a view. This might mean having your sink face out toward the common area of your kitchen or placing it just under a window so you can see outside. 

If you’re thinking about creating a custom kitchen in your home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you set up the perfect space for your use.


Florida’s Hidden Cusine Secrets

There are thousands of restaurants to choose from when picking from online menus. Given that the nation is still somewhat shut down due to the pandemic, it’s important to support small businesses in any way possible. People like Chanoch Harow enjoy supporting these restaurants because they really need as much help as possible during the nationwide shit down. Ordering takeout and tipping on these orders really shows that the restaurant and communities are cared about in Florida. 


This is a sushi restaurant that features Japanese style courses and meals. It is located in Orlando, Floria, and has a sushi or sake bar. They have won the following award since 2017; Scoot Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide: KAndance (2019), 2019 Dining Awards: Critic’s Choice for Best Japanese (Orlando Magazine, 2019), 21 Best Restaurants in Orlando, Florida (Conde Nast Traveler, 2019), Foodie Awards: restaurant of the Year (Orlando Sentinel, 2019), Omakase (Edible Orlando, 2019), The Best Food & Restaurants at Disney World, Orlando (Bloomberg, 2017). It has such a variety of flavors to offer guests and provides Japanese cuisine in the best way possible. 

The Old Spanish Sugar Mill Grill and Griddle House

This is a true American restaurant. It has all you can eat pancakes under six dollars and serves a little bit of country with every meal. Although it may seem like this is just a pancake horse, they actually offer much more. It is located on the DeLeon Springs State Park and offers history tours about the Fountain Of Youth. This included boat tours and self-paced kayak times. This is a wonderful place to spend the afternoon and recommended by those visiting the area. 

Abe & Louie’s 

This restaurant is a class American steakhouse with flavor combinations out of this world. It is located in Boca Raton, Florida, where Chanoch Harow lives. They have a preferred guest loyalty club that allows people to earn points towards every dine-in experience. It was opened in 1965 by Charles F. Starkin in Boston. It is unmatched by many other steakhouses in the country and also offers very decadent seafood. The steak is Mideastrn and they have awarding wine for many people to indulge in. 

Overall, these restaurants have a very diverse array of flavors. The more people visit and support them, the better chance they have of surviving during the pandemic. It’s clear that without the proper support from communities, these restaurants will greatly suffer. On behalf of all Florida residents, please order from these restaurants when possible. The chefs have curated the most amazing meals for people to enjoy. 

Eat Food

Best Hanukkah Treats 2020

Hanukkah is such a remarkable time for many people. It is a time to celebrate the lights and the time everyone shares as a family. That being said, here are some great sweet treats moms like Rachel Harow enjoy preparing for Hanukkah. This is a wonderful way to celebrate the Festival of Lights. Hanukkah, which means dedication in Hebrew starts on the twenty-fifth of Kislev. This usually ranges between November and December depending on the Hebrew calendar. It is called the Festival of Lights because it is celebrated by lighting the menorah, which is represented by candles. This beautiful holiday is the best way to celebrate the future and celebrate with delicious treats. 

First, there are people enjoying preparing Hanukkah Peanut Butter Cookies. Almost resembling a dribble, they can be decorated in all shades of blue and are great for kids. Next, Apple Pie Latkes are a traditional dessert. By swapping potatoes with apples and adding brown sugar or cinnamic, this classic dish takes on a sweet taste. Next, the Chocolate Babka is a very traditional treat to have during this holiday. It is an oldtimer recipe and takes a few hours to make. There are always delish Shabbat Cakes which are very easy to construct and can be customized based on a family’s preferences. The classic, Sufganiyot, or jelly donut is extremely delish. Many grandmothers always buy extras of these at their local store because the grandkids eat these up in no time. On the other hand, Baked Olive Oil Donuts are another fluffy dessert that is perfect for Hanukkah. For those who want to really have a workout, making jelly or chocolate-filled hamantaschen is a great way to show homage to traditional recipes. If those feelings are not ideal, then filling it with Nutella or minced nuts is always another option. 

Black and white star cookies are always a crowd-pleaser. Many people purchase a start cutter from the local grocery store or craft store than space the dough accordingly. These are also great for children to decorate with Star of David sprinkles and so forth. Rachel Harow says there so many more desserts that can be found online or in Hanukkah recipe books. Many of these recipes can be found online or on Pinterest. There is endless support for Jewish communities that commemorate all they have been through with food. All these goodies have been passed down by generations to show the impact they have on tradition. There is a limitless amount of combinations a person can put together during the winter season. The holiday is so beautiful and sharing moments of baking or cooking with family makes it even more special. These are all kid-friendly and will help them pass traditional recipes along to future generations.