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How Our Past Shapes the Future: Diego Ruiz Durán

According to Twitter, Diego Ruiz Duran has stated that the past heavily influences the future. When people are going about their lives, no matter how small an incident is, it somehow affects us in the future. Think of physics. Newton’s law of motion is very comparable to how everyone considers the ideology behind cause and effect. Simply put, people like Duran now that the past is what builds the future. It becomes difficult to sometimes grasp what is happening in the future. If something terrible occurs, there is always a sense of blame on the past. 

However, one should change their mindset to be something greater. When the past brings hardships and challenges, the future has that much more of a chance to change any negative patterns. Duran shares his personal experience with his students about how to grow from the past. He believes that the only way to develop more emotionally and intellectually is by self-reflecting and then letting negativity go. 

When he is teaching courses on law and criminal justice, he has to admit that there are challenges in that field of work. People are scared of what their outcomes might be in court and Duran has to encourage them that everything will work out for the best. Duran knows that personal mistakes can also haunt some of his clients. As a lawyer, he fights for each person he represents because he wants the best future for them.

Duran encourages his children to use this knowledge in their personal life. If someone wrongs them, don’t expect an apology. Many people don’t apologize even if they know they are in the wrong due to stubbornness. Duran knows this and doesn’t want any of his students to be offended by such nonsense. People will do what people do best which is be selfish. It’s rare to find someone not out there with everyone’s best interest in mind. That being said, Duran strives to be that person and to be a helping hand whenever he can. 

Many call the present, “the present” because it is considered a gift. What someone does in the here and now is what translates to future events. Every conversation, every action, somehow adds up to develop the future. Duran knows that being on one’s best behavior isn’t the first thing on everyone’s mind, but he encourages it. Kindness is the only way to live a happy life, he says in the Washington Guardian. He encourages all the people he knows and has networks to bring acts of kindness into their lives. 

That can mean many things. Personally, Duran strives to be a goodhearted citizen and help communities with their needs. In his relationships, he always looks for ways to improve himself so that he may best assist people and clients with their needs. We should all learn from Duran because his acts of kindness have changed the lives of many people. The past shapes the way the future will be. If one was unkind before many reconciling and becoming a better version of oneself is the next step forward. So much can be obtained from the past in hope of a brighter and more prosperous future. Diego Duran uses his peers to do their best and share their gifts with others.

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