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Molekule Review: Introducing the Air Pro

Molekule’s latest air purifier improves air quality in both large homes and corporate settings.

In recent years, Americans have been enjoying cleaner, fresher air thanks to Molekule’s ever-evolving range of air-purification devices. But as dirty air continues to pose a threat across the U.S. – and around the world – Molekule is further developing its host of air-purification models to provide clean air in yet more environments. This fall, Molekule is due to deliver Molekule Air Pro, which is designed to sit at the intersection of professional-grade cleaning and consumer needs, purifying the air in both large domestic settings and corporate environments. 

The Air Pro will be the latest model in Molekule’s science-driven product range, which currently comprises Air, Air Mini, Air Mini+, and Air Pro RX. The growing range of air purifiers tackles contaminated air in spaces of almost any size. While Molekule’s consumer devices destroy contaminants in spaces up to 250 and 600 square feet, Molekule has engineered the Air Pro to meet the demands of large professional spaces and homes of up to 1,000 square feet.

Introducing Molekule Air Pro

Like the other purifiers in Molekule’s product range, Air Pro has been scientifically proven to destroy bacteria, mold, viruses, chemicals, and allergens. However, Molekule has advanced its pollution detection even further with Air Pro, which uses a laser-based particle sensor to detect and categorize three sizes of airborne particles. Air Pro uses a 360° intake feature, which captures contaminants from every side. While the advanced PECO-Filter captures and destroys these pollutants, the purifier’s 360° air outlet continuously disperses clean air across the room.

Third-party tested and meticulously engineered, Air Pro is Molekule’s most advanced device to date. The new purifier delivers more airflow than Molekule’s other award-winning consumer purifiers and senses three sizes of particles, making it ideal for high-traffic areas, large rooms, and allergen-filled spaces.

The model’s technology-driven system comprises:

  • 3x the airflow: Increased airflow – designed to meet the needs of businesses and high-traffic areas, Air Pro delivers 3x the airflow of Molekule’s award-winning consumer devices
  • A nanocatalyst-coated PECO-Filter, which reacts to a light inside the device and destroys pollutants.
  • High-efficiency outer filter layers, which trap large particles and slow down VOCs.
  • Enhanced Detection, particle sensor detects air particles in three sizes: PM10, PM2.5, and PM1.
  • Two Auto Protect modes, Standard and Quiet, both of which automatically adjust the level of air purification.
  • A user-friendly touch screen, which helps you visualize changes in the air, track filter replacements, and change fan speed.
  • A protective anodized aluminum casing, which provides an aesthetically pleasing matte finish.

Nanocatalyst-Coated PECO-Filter

Molekule has continued to develop its advanced PECO  technology and nanocatalyst coating and applied that learning to the Air Pro’s enterprise-grade filter. Having already developed a range of highly successful devices, Molekule’s laboratory team has taken extensive measures to perfect the robust reliability and cutting-edge air-purification technology that Air Pro offers. 

Your Molekule device and companion app will let you know when you need to replace your PECO-Filter. You can also sign up for Molekule’s subscription plan to receive alerts when your filter replacement intervals come around. Once you’ve signed up, Molekule will deliver new filters to your door with no shipping costs.

Particle Sensors

Air Pro detects three particle types: PM10 (pollen), PM2.5 (dust), and PM1 (smoke). The sensors can identify particles as small as 0.3 microns. Your touch-screen display will show the sizes of particles present in your air and track reductions in these particles as Air Pro removes these contaminants.

Auto Protect Modes

Air Pro’s two Auto Protect modes (Standard Auto Protect and Quiet Auto Protect) allow you to adjust your level of air purification. Molekule recommends using the standard mode when more particles are in the air, such as while cooking or cleaning. Meanwhile, the quiet mode is better suited for nighttime or during business calls when the volume needs to be especially low. You can also flip manually between six fan speeds to increase or decrease the level of air purification.

User-Friendly Touch Screen 

The Air Pro is complete with Molekule’s largest touch screen to date. The intuitive touch screen provides access to a suite of information and enables you to change fan speeds instantly. The touch screen also alerts you to changes in air quality and filter life. 

All data displayed on the touch screen corresponds with Molekule’s companion app, which shows you a detailed visual representation of current particulate levels. The app also tells you when your next filter replacement is due, tracks filter life, and allows you to manage your filter auto-refills. On top of this, you can use the app to control your device from anywhere, at any time. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection.

Protective Anodized Aluminium Casing 

The Air Pro is encased in anodized aluminium with a textured plastic base, giving the purifier a sleek matte finish that integrates seamlessly with any setting. Molekule specifically chose anodized aluminum and plastic because both materials are low in VOCs. The Air Pro is also complete with a vegan leather handle for easy transportation between rooms or buildings.

Who Needs the Molekule Air Pro?

The Air Pro is particularly suited for open spaces where there is a high level of foot traffic or chemical/PM exposure such as:

  • Residential accommodations with open floor plans and/or large rooms.
  • Educational institutions, schools with classrooms, and/or large offices.
  • Hotels with large suites.
  • Dental offices with large waiting areas and/or high-traffic areas.
  • Healthcare facilities with large waiting areas and/or high-traffic areas.
  • Commercial spaces with stores and/or restaurants.

About Molekule

Molekule’s vision is to create a world in which every home and business has clean air in every room. The science-driven air-purification experts are committed to revolutionizing the air-purification industry with groundbreaking technology that redefines how we clean the air in our homes and workplaces. 

The Edison Awards Consumer Goods, Time 25 Best Inventions, and Popular Science have presented Molekule with awards for its acclaimed air-purification technology. The proprietary photo electrochemical oxidation (PECO) technology destroys contaminants at a molecular level to clean the air. 

As exclusive PECO-technology specialists, Molekule reviews and assesses each of its air purifiers, both with rigorous in-house quality procedures and certified third-party tests. These tests conclude that Molekule’s PECO technology can destroy biological particles such as viruses, destroying 99.999 percent of RNA virus MS2 within 24 hours and 99.9477 percent of coronavirus proxy concentrations within 1 hour. All Molekule devices remove inert particles as well, with Molekule Air and Molekule Air Mini removing 84%-85% percent of smoke within 22 minutes. 

Air pollution is a growing issue, but many people aren’t aware of how dirty the air in their homes and work environments really is. Molekule promotes the message that protecting your indoor spaces is now more important than ever and continuously works to deliver clean air to everyone, everywhere. Look out for Molekule’s new Air Pro at The Air Pro doesn’t require any setup, retrofitting, or duct work. Simply plug the device in, and set it to Auto Protect.

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Expertly Pairing Texas Hill Country Olive Co.’s Infused Olive Oils

At Texas Hill Country Olive Co., high-quality olive oil pairs with everything. The Texas olive oil company expertly uses their own olive oils to highlight robust flavor profiles at their on-site farm-to-table cafe. Meanwhile, knowledgeable staff members make cooking recommendations, discuss wine pairings, and help customers explore the benefits of cooking with olive oil. With a myriad of health-boosting benefits, olive oil is a staple in any diet and can be enhanced with herbs, spices, and additives. To take the guesswork out of this process, Texas Hill Country Olive Co. launched a comprehensive line of Infused Olive Oils. These perfectly blended infusions come in a variety of flavor profiles, and can easily lend unique culinary results. In a singular step, creative cooks can transform basic meals into flavorful masterpieces.

Garlic Infused Texas Olive Oil

Garlic Infused Olive Oil

Texas Hill Country Olive Co.’s Garlic Infused Olive Oil is made by infusing fresh garlic cloves with freshly picked olives. Crushing and mixing both ingredients simultaneously maximizes the flavor of the final product. The result is a bountiful, aromatic, and flavorful immersion of taste. Garlic is often associated with olive oil, rendering this classic combination a must-have in any well-stocked kitchen.

The Garlic Infused Olive Oil pairs especially well drizzled atop crostini, breads, and other bread type products. It adds a robust flavor to tossed pasta, without the need for heavier sauces. It can even be a fantastic dip for pizza crust! Used in traditional Italian recipes, the Garlic Infused Olive Oil can elicit a taste of Italy without traditional fats.

Jalapeño Infused Texas Olive Oil

Jalapeño Infused Olive Oil

A favorite at Texas Hill Country Olive Co., the Jalapeño Infused Olive Oil adds spice to just about any recipe. By infusing jalapeño peppers with olives, the Texas olive oil company ensures a flavorful outcome. The naturally spicy tones of the peppers shine alongside the smooth finish of this versatile olive oil.

The Jalapeño Infused Olive Oil is a fan-favorite on eggs, omelets, and breakfast items. It can be added as a garnish for soups, finishing sauce for meats, and a last-minute addition to many recipes. By drizzling this fiery sauce over finished items, maximum heat and flavor are added. Since the nuance of “heat” and “spice” can sometimes be cooked out, the Jalapeño Infused Olive Oil is the most robust when drizzled on anything that can benefit from a little spice.

Lemon Infused Texas Olive Oil

Lemon Infused Olive Oil

Offering a totally different experience, the Lemon Infused Olive Oil is quintessential for adding interesting flavor without the spice. Zesty citrus tones dress up dishes. The process of infusing olives with fresh lemons during the crushing and mixing process yields an aromatic and fresh taste to the finished olive oil.

This light and airy olive oil are perfect for marinating chicken and fish, and pairs well with balsamic vinaigrettes. This makes it perfect as an easily mixed marinade or a base for a light salad dressing. It can lighten vegetables with a simple drizzle, offering a breath of freshness for sauteed items. 

Basil Infused Texas Olive Oil

Basil Infused Olive Oil

Texas Hill Country Olive Co.’s Basil Infused Olive Oil adds an aromatic flavor to many dishes. The company uses a natural basil extract and combines it with its bespoke Arbequina olive oil to maximize flavor results. This perfect blend is ideal drizzled on pasta, creating a light taste without the need for additional sauces. It can also be used in many baking capacities, offering a distinct flavor profile for baked goods. It is fantastic in chocolate cakes, scones, and savory muffins, and pound cakes, and pairs well with lemon, grapefruit, and citrus flavors. 

Infused Texas Olive Oil Collection

Other Varieties

In addition to the highlighted Infused Texas Olive Oils offered by Texas Hill Country Olive Co., the line includes three additional products. Additional flavors include Rosemary, Blood Orange, and Hatch Green Chile Infused Olive Oil. These unique flavors offer a bespoke profile and offer an original taste experience. Due to their distinct flavors, they strongly stand alone as a breakthrough flavor. They can be used to add an interesting twist on meats and fish. They can be mixed with Texas Hill Country Olive Co.’s vinaigrettes for a quick but unforgettable salad dressing. They can be the base for dips, marinades, and just about any vegetable.

The Benefits Of Infusion in Texas Olive Oil

For novice cooks and professional chefs alike, these expertly infused Texas olive oils deliver a flavorful punch that is also remarkably convenient. Instead of having to hunt for countless herbs, spices, and additives, these olive oils come expertly infused with just the right amount of flavor. By taking the guesswork out of the infusion process, the professionals at Texas Hill Country Olive Co. have streamlined the cooking process. The result is a comprehensive line of distinct tastes, with a collection of infused high-quality olive oils that can dress up any dish.

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