Thai Cuisine: A Beginner’s Guide

If, like most people, you took a holiday in Thailand and were enchanted by the local cuisine and now you would like to learn how to cook the amazing dishes, you have come to the right place. Of course, the Internet hosts a wealth of information about Thai cuisine, with recipes galore and we have gathered some advice from Thai chefs in order to help you create authentic tasting Thai dishes.

  • Take Care with the Chillies – Thai food is known to be very spicy, particularly in the deep South of the country, so a little research on chillies is in order. Any recipe that contains spices should give you enough information to keep the spiciness to a minimum – Thai dishes are generally spicy anyway – while eating Thai food will certainly help to develop a less sensitive palette. There are at least 5 types of chili found in Thailand and generally speaking, the smaller the pepper, the spicier it is, and if you are cooking for friends, you are advised to enquire about spicy foods, just in case someone cannot tolerate hot food.
  • Authentic Thai Ingredients – If you have just had a massage in Pattaya, then you can be sure that all the ingredients are authentic when you cook but for those living elsewhere, there are online suppliers of Thai herbs, spices and other essential food ingredients that can only be found in this region of Southeast Asia. Then you can cook with confidence, knowing you have the right ingredients; besides, if you are using alternative ingredients, the taste will be different and not always a pleasant variation.
  • Vegetable Dishes – Many people’s favourite is ‘Pad Thai’, which is thin rice noodles stir fried with egg and tofu, while adding sugar, chillies, garlic and tamarind, with dried shrimps and peanuts for good measure. The range of Thai vegetables is indeed long and, in many respects, Thailand is the garden of South East Asia, exporting lots of rice and vegetables abroad.
  • Source a Good Quality Wok – Like most things, woks can vary greatly in quality and if you want one that lasts for years, search online for the best quality cooking utensils and invest in a Thai wok. A Teflon coated wok will last for many years and makes sure you buy a known brand with a solid warranty.
  • Coconut Milk – This is an essential ingredient for many Thai curries, with both thick and thin coconut cream that are used to make many dishes and this can be purchased online from a reputable supplier of Asian food products. If you live in Thailand, you can buy freshly made coconut cream by the kg, which comes in a tightly wrapped plastic bag, and coconuts are in abundance in all parts of the country.

The Internet is full of Thai recipes and a Google search will bring up a list of websites that are dedicated to cooking Thai food. If you are planning a visit to Thailand in 2021, make sure to keep abreast on the current Covid-19 situation, which can change at any time.


Plan Before You Commit to Your Foodie Dream

Many people dream of starting up a restaurant or other type of food business. There are several reasons for this. Sometimes it is a simple as wanting to share your favourite recipes. For others there is a genuine love for cooking, and doing it for a living, is a dream. People take many different paths to get to the point of investing in a food business, but very few of these new businesses survive for more than a couple of years. Before you put your dream into motion, here are a few areas to consider for improving your chances of success.

  • Test Your Concept: Like many things, sometimes our own ideas are not as innovative or clever as we might think. The main obstacle you will face is the truth. People will always support your dreams verbally, but not necessarily financially. Find a way to test your ideas, that people are likely to give an honest answer to, like a focus group. You can test recipes, concepts, and markets in this manner.
  • Make a Business Plan: Just being able to make the world’s best tacos won’t keep you from bankruptcy if you haven’t worked out all the details. A good business plan is the foundation of every successful business. Making a business plan will help you discover hidden problems. Like the real costs of payroll outsourcing in Indonesia, licensing, taxes, rent and equipment. It is difficult to have too much planning.
  • Find a Location: The restaurant business is heavily dependent on location, and the manufacturing industry is less so. Outside of convenience and access, your location will be the source of most of your overhead and fixed costs. Finding a cheap location may have other drawbacks. You need to consider licensing and regulations. And If you are serving food, you should try to be where people want to be already. Unless you are a famous chef, it is unlikely people will go out of their way to find you.
  • Research Equipment: Food industry equipment is the best there is, and it comes with a high price tag because it is usually built very well and made to last for decades. Even Chef quality knives and cookware can be extremely expensive, and that is a cost that will reduce your profits for many years. The same is true for manufacturing. Industrial grade machinery doesn’t come cheap. Make sure you know all the costs before you make any commitments.
  • Find the Right Team: Restaurants require full teams, servers, dishwashers, cooking staff and management. Not only do you need to have the right people for the job, but you need to be able to afford all those salaries.

There are more things to consider, but the items on this list are a good preview to see if your vision for the food industry is realistic. Careful planning, and good advice are the safest path to investing in a food business, You need to be able to operate for at least a year without turning a profit, and it is better if you have enough financial security to do it for two.


4 Golden Rules For Cooking Meat

Whether you’re a novice chef or a professional, you buy your meat in a grocery store, or you hunt your own meat, the same tips apply to getting the best possible flavor.  Cooking meat involves getting just the right timing at just the right temperature, and of course, knowing what flavors to add. If you’re looking for some of the top insider tips for how to cook meat, read on.

Choose High-Quality Meats

Even though it might be tempting to buy a cheaper cut, the truth is that you get what you pay for. If you’re just getting started cooking meat, then buying a more expensive cut is a pretty simple hack for getting the most flavor out of it.

When choosing what meat to cook with, the trick is looking for the most fat marbling. The more fat there is, the more taste the meat will have. When comparing prices, know that that little extra amount that you pay will make all the difference in terms of flavor.

Use a Thermometer

There are all sorts of tricks out there for finding out whether your meat is cooked to perfection yewt. However, the most reliable way to tell if your meat is ready to eat is to use a meat thermometer.

Each kind of meat has a unique temperature it must reach before it can be consumed. Beef, for example, needs to reach just about 145 degrees Fahrenheit, while chicken needs to reach closer to 165.

However, don’t make the mistake of believing that meat stops cooking the minute that you remove it from heat. Always remove your meat from heat just before the thermometer shows the temperature that you want it to be at. That way, you’ll know after a few minutes that your meat will reach the perfect temperature to enjoy.

Add Marinades

If there’s one secret weapon that most top chefs agree on, it’s your marinade. Marinating your meat won’t just help tenderize your meat, but it will give it extra flavor.

Consider marinating your meat for an entire night before cooking it. It may seem like an extra hassle; however, the difference you’ll get out of the flavor will be well worth the extra time you put in.

Squeeze Your Meat

No, seriously, squeeze your meat. It may sound crazy; however, you’d be surprised how many people don’t touch their meat enough when preparing it. Squeezing and handling the meat you’re cooking is important because it helps sink all of the flavors deep inside.

Obviously, you should wash your hands and clear off any cooking services after. However, don’t be squeamish about squeezing raw flesh. Squeezing the flavor deep into your meat will take the final flavor to the next level!

Eat Food

Best Hanukkah Treats 2020

Hanukkah is such a remarkable time for many people. It is a time to celebrate the lights and the time everyone shares as a family. That being said, here are some great sweet treats moms like Rachel Harow enjoy preparing for Hanukkah. This is a wonderful way to celebrate the Festival of Lights. Hanukkah, which means dedication in Hebrew starts on the twenty-fifth of Kislev. This usually ranges between November and December depending on the Hebrew calendar. It is called the Festival of Lights because it is celebrated by lighting the menorah, which is represented by candles. This beautiful holiday is the best way to celebrate the future and celebrate with delicious treats. 

First, there are people enjoying preparing Hanukkah Peanut Butter Cookies. Almost resembling a dribble, they can be decorated in all shades of blue and are great for kids. Next, Apple Pie Latkes are a traditional dessert. By swapping potatoes with apples and adding brown sugar or cinnamic, this classic dish takes on a sweet taste. Next, the Chocolate Babka is a very traditional treat to have during this holiday. It is an oldtimer recipe and takes a few hours to make. There are always delish Shabbat Cakes which are very easy to construct and can be customized based on a family’s preferences. The classic, Sufganiyot, or jelly donut is extremely delish. Many grandmothers always buy extras of these at their local store because the grandkids eat these up in no time. On the other hand, Baked Olive Oil Donuts are another fluffy dessert that is perfect for Hanukkah. For those who want to really have a workout, making jelly or chocolate-filled hamantaschen is a great way to show homage to traditional recipes. If those feelings are not ideal, then filling it with Nutella or minced nuts is always another option. 

Black and white star cookies are always a crowd-pleaser. Many people purchase a start cutter from the local grocery store or craft store than space the dough accordingly. These are also great for children to decorate with Star of David sprinkles and so forth. Rachel Harow says there so many more desserts that can be found online or in Hanukkah recipe books. Many of these recipes can be found online or on Pinterest. There is endless support for Jewish communities that commemorate all they have been through with food. All these goodies have been passed down by generations to show the impact they have on tradition. There is a limitless amount of combinations a person can put together during the winter season. The holiday is so beautiful and sharing moments of baking or cooking with family makes it even more special. These are all kid-friendly and will help them pass traditional recipes along to future generations. 

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Cooking At Home vs. Eating Out in 2020

Many of us enjoy occasionally going out to eat. It is very nice to get away from the house and enjoy a luxurious meal at a restaurant. On the contrary, people pick to eat out at fast food venues or easy restaurants as well. Eating out is very fun for kosher people like Shalom Lamm. When a person chooses to support a small business, it’s very exciting. By doing so they are building revenue for the company and helping the restaurant brand itself better. Although it’s rare for a person to peat out more than once or twice a week, people have developed a love for trying new places daily. Eating out can be very entering and super exciting, especially if it’s someone else. There is a common theme to dress up when a person goes out because it’s a special event. Obviously, due to COVID-19 having social events is greatly looked down upon but can be very exciting to look forward to. 

Since there are so many different restaurants out there it’s easy for people to pick a customizable meal. Yet, nothing is as customizable as a home-cooked meal. This is because when someone decides to cook they can make sure they know every ingredient in the dish. It goes without saying that both are great options. When a person chooses to go out, it might be with friends or a partner. However, when someone is cooking for a holiday or family feats, it might be more fun to have everyone together at the home. It truly depends on the individual and what their preference may be. In addition, cooking at home is very relaxing. Usually, it’s on a person’s own time and they make the rules about what is included in the meal. During the holidays, it’s a chance to show off a person’s cooking skills and collaborate on meals with friends. There is a certain sense of freedom when a person is cooking at home. Those with allergies benefit from cooking at home because there is much  

Those with allergies might be more prone to eating at home because there is no fear factor. Eating out can be frightening for those who have airborne allergies. However, both are great ways to eat. Depending on the day Shalom Lamm chooses whether he will eat in or out. Like many can imagine, eating out or in is a very difficult decision for people. Usually going out costs somewhere between fifteen to thirty dollars a person. This obviously depends on where a person picks to eat. If they choose a fast food place they will obviously be spending a lot less money. The benefit of cooking in s=is that a person can meal-prep. This allows a lot of money to be saved and dinner to be ready for every night of the week. Many companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh market on people who cook at home. This helps them brand themselves as more affordable and sustainable when in reality, it’s equivalent to ordering out. However, it is up to the person and their financial standing on what they choose to do.