Author: Paige Cohn


Chad Price of Mako Medical Reveals What Entrepreneurs Should Know Before Starting a Business

Are you set to launch your genius business venture? It’s no secret that running a startup can be challenging. Approximately 20 percent of new businesses fail within the first year.  Budding entrepreneurs have to prepare themselves for the cold, harsh reality of building something from the ground up. CEO Chad Price of MAKO Medical Laboratories […]


Enjoy the Craft at Cowbell Brewery Co

Cowbell Brewery Co. is all about the craft. If you like a good craft beer or perhaps enjoy visiting destination breweries, add this countryside gem to your list. Located in Huron County, Ontario, Cowbell Brewery is found in the heart of a rural location.  The brewery itself is absolutely gorgeous and it’s a huge location […]

Beal Properties On Getting Your Apartment Ready For Fall

Best Thanksgiving Desserts to Make

Best Thanksgiving Desserts to Make It’s that time of the year again. The one where people need to decide what Thanksgiving dessert to make for their loved ones. The best part about this is that there are so many options. This blog post will share different desserts that would be perfect for any holiday celebration, […]


Embrace Your Creativity with Home DIYs

Most of us have the drive to make our home feel like our own. To accomplish this, we often make many personal decor choices to reflect our unique style. However, purchasing interior and exterior decorations, furniture, and other essential items can become expensive and ultimately feel too impersonal.  We’ve gathered some at-home DIY projects that […]


Healthy Meals to Eat

Healthy Foods to Incorporate in Your Daily Diet A multitude of fruits and vegetables can be included in a healthy eating plan. Fruits and vegetables are the ultimate foods to include in a healthy diet. These delicious, nutritious foods are easy to incorporate into a daily diet since they take little to no cooking to […]


Best Seasonal Coffee Flavors

Unique Coffee Flavors Seasonal coffee flavors are an important part of any good cup of coffee. Finding a good flavored coffee can be a difficult task if you don’t know what to look for, and it is often best to experiment with a couple different flavors to see which one is the best, or at […]