Where to Get Healthy Recipe Ideas

Go to your pantry and pick up a box of something. It can be a banana bread mix, boxed rice, or even applesauce. Now, turn the item around and what do you see? A recipe. There are thousands of delicious, healthy recipes at our fingertips. Still don’t like what you see? Try Pinterest or Food Network, the possibilities are endless. Many health gurus like Helen Lee Schifter utilize their knowledge in healthy food to produce recipes filled with wellness and goodness. 

The best way to find a recipe is by making your own. There are so many creative ways to use food. Culinary chefs have to go through years of practice when coming up with a meal but sometimes the meals are accidents. Start with pairing a healthy item with something that you enjoy. For example, let’s say Mac & Cheese is your favorite dish. Now, find grain-free noodles and vegan cheese. At Whole Foods, there is a never-ending supply of vegan alternatives to junk food. Making this recipe full-heartedly and organically, it’s healthy! The ultimate way to get a healthy recipe is by googling it and finding a cookbook to your liking. For example, if you like vegan food, like Helen Lee Schifter, you can find a vegan cookbook on Amazon. There are so many recipes that can kickstart your health journey available anywhere!

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