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Why Media Detoxes Are Important

The media can be very toxic. The “ideal body” is a constant threat to many men and women who struggle with eating disorders. The information that is circulated to make certain people feel bad about themselves is ever-present in many media sources. Overall, the media has a way of filling people with toxicity. Ken Kurson, a media savant, says that taking a break from the media should be on everyone’s radar. 

When a person is highly anxious and even depressed, the media is not going to help solve those issues. Powering off devices and living in the present moment is very important. That way, our minds can relax and reset. Think about what happens when a computer is overworked. It either breaks down, gets slower, or needs to be restarted. Humans are the same way. With social media being very toxic, especially to teenagers, one must set the human rest button. Ken Kurson knows how beneficial these detoxes can be because he’s worked in media his whole life. Every once in a while, it’s healthy to reset.

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