Does Eating Healthy Stop COVID-19

Truly, the only entity that could protect a person from COVID-19 is a vaccine. That being said, other than masking up and staying socially distant, there has to be something else that can be done? Luckily, science has concluded that indeed keeping a healthy immune system can be key when avoiding COVID. Many experts in tea, like Helen Lee Schifter, practice healthy eating habits to maintain an adequate immune system.

In addition to eating healthy, we must drink healthy. By drinking warm teas that fill out immune systems with antioxidants and vitamins, our bodies will be more equipped to fight illnesses. Ginger, lemon, green, and jasmine tea are great ways to increase the wellness of your body. Teas are a cheap and easy way to also boost digestion.Of course, comfort food is a critical part of the winter season. However, just because comfort food is tasty, it doesn’t always mean healthy. Replacing certain food with vegetarian or fat-free options is a great way to stabilize calorie intake and remain healthy during winter. American food has always been very fatty and high in cholesterol, so trying other cultures’ food, that are much healthier, can benefit the body in many ways. Helen Lee Schifter has a luxurious palette of taste and recommends avoiding eating the same unhealthy food over and over.


“You Are What You Eat” is More Than a Cliche

Health experts like Helen Schifter have been trying their hardest to communicate to the masses the value of eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For too long, there have been people dedicated to all sorts of different causes and passions many of which have been constructive, while neglecting one that might seem to be the most obvious. That one of course is health, wellness and ensuring that society is leading the healthiest type of lifestyles imaginable.

Helen Schifter has written about these issues in great detail on Thrive Global and other platforms that readers can scour and visit. This content is valuable information and has undoubtedly affected people in meaningful ways. Ultimately, the ability to convince members of the public of the value of health and wellness is the first objective of any health advocate and principal.

The ways in which to achieve these milestones is a totally different question to be considered. But let’s first examine the value of eating healthy and dispel some common myths that exist about maintaining a healthy diet. First and foremost, there’s an idea that exists out there which is a misconception, that somehow eating healthy must mean sacrificing the quality or taste of the foods one is eating.

This is a total myth that should be debunked once and for all. Secondly, there are so many different organic and healthy offerings across a variety of different cuisines. Whether one is interested in foods emanating from Italian, Middle Eastern, American or other types of cuisines, these cuisines all offer healthy options that are no less tasty and delicious than others.

So let’s be more adamant, careful and cautious about the types of foods we eat. Taste matters. But health should matter as well. In fact, it ought to be a priority in all of our lives. And for that reason, there must be a more careful approach to eating, amongst the general public.


Patina’s Paleo prix fixe menu

The idea of eating healthy or diet food are usually synonymous with cardboard, flavorless, and just friggen gross. But not today folks, Patina in downtown Los Angeles’ Executive Chef Charlies Olalia has announced a Paleo prix fixe menu and with no particular end in sight. As we posted last week, fine dining and diet trends have collided at Patina with this seasonal/rotating menu and at a great value! Here’s a closer look:


New Year. New You. Part 3

The first month of the New Year has flashed by. Still on track with a healthier you? There are a variety of options in Los Angeles nowadays that offer incredibly tasty, healthy menu items — but sometimes all you want to do is snuggle up and dine in for a change! Need some inspiration past the pre-mixed salad and vinaigrette dressing for your next in-home meal? Matthew Kenney Culinary in Santa Monica, CA is now offering their Weekend Intensive raw foods preparation courses that will help enlighten the health-nut in you!