Author: Stan Lee


When to Go to Louisville Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are known for being a limited but sweet event located in just about any city. They tend to run for only a few months, weekly, for a few hours at best. This makes it pretty hard to fit into a busy schedule. Although here are some tips for those looking for farmers markets […]


The Importance of Cloud Monitoring to Your Company

Businesses today have a lot of tools for storage and safety of private information. The reality though is that almost all of these will involve the internet. And in the modern world that means 94% of enterprises use the cloud in their business. This can mean a lot of things in practice. Although most commonly […]


Why Squirrels Eat Peanuts: Unraveling the Nutty Connection

Squirrels, with their bushy tails and nimble movements, are a common sight in parks, gardens, and woodlands across the world. These resourceful little creatures are known for their insatiable appetite for nuts, particularly peanuts. But have you ever wondered why squirrels have developed such a penchant for peanuts? In this article, we delve into the […]


Artificial Intelligence: How AI is Changing the Marketing Game

The rise of generative artificial intelligence has allowed many companies to create new content and market to audiences like never before. Machine learning systems like ChatGPT are able to artificially think, giving companies the power to create new content right at their fingertips. Marketing professionals are finding ways to solve old problems by rapidly adopting […]


Tax Extensions and Tax Day

Tax season has come and gone. Tax day is April 18th, and an assortment of tax deadlines have already passed. Although that doesn’t mean there still isn’t time, especially for those considering a tax deadline. Tax deadlines aren’t complicated, what’s important is to know when they’re coming and to be prepared. Before tax day, there […]