Author: Stan Lee


How to Stay Healthy Even With Fructose Intolerance

Due to busy schedules, most people have neglected their health. Also, some individuals have lost hope in attaining a healthy lifestyle after figuring out that they are fructose intolerant. Knowing that you are intolerant to fructose should be one of the reasons you desire to live a healthy life. The amazing news is that there […]


The Best Places to Buy Top Quality Meat Online

Did you know that early humans began hunting with stone-tipped spears about half a million years ago? Nowadays, it’s much easier to get a juicy hunk of meat on your plate. Instead of running around in a loincloth, it’s as easy as driving to your local grocery store. Even better, it’s possible to get high-grade […]


4 Amazing Recipes that Use Leafy Greens

Starting a new year is a glorious thing because it brings its own promises of change and new experiences to unfold as we roll into the months ahead. Add to that the fact that the current year is the time to be vegan because amazing recipes that use leafy greens abound! Once you incorporate them a […]


How to Choose the Best Chef Knife Set for a Gift

Did you know that metal knives were invented around 4,000 years ago during the Bronze Age? While the knives back then were relatively crude, knives today can be thin and sharp enough to slice through paper or even silk. There are many types of knives that you may need for the kitchen, but what should […]


How to Cook Scallops

Did you know that scallops are high in protein, with zero carbs, and can help you lose weight? These bite-sized morsels of seafood are delicious, cook up fast, and make a great starter or entree, any day of the week. You’re only minutes away from a tasty and nutritious meal if you choose to cook scallops.┬áBut […]