Can Fast Food be Healthy?

There are a lot of comments of people putting on weight in the past two years. Stress can be a big factor. Sometimes a person doesn’t realize the effect that a simple action can have on their life. For example,  Judge Napolitano has discovered a way of life that has worked for him. Napolitano is not only known for his presence in the courtroom but recently individuals have been discussing his weight loss journey. The challenge most face when it comes to weight loss is not the know how or the lack of knowledge. People know what foods are considered healthy and which ones are not. People know that veggies are healthy and a sedentary lifestyle can bring on many challenges to your health. The true question is how to have a healthy lifestyle while being happy doing it. Imagine the scene of a parent and child sitting at the table. The parent says eat more vegetables. The child, with a defeated look on his or her face, slowly puts the veggies in his or her mouth. This is not a happy scene. Why can’t being healthy be enjoyable to the masses and not just a few unique individuals who love to shove greens into their mouths. Maybe if the situation is looked at from a different angle, success can be found. 

Ok so a little secret,  what is the ideal meal? What is meant by this question is what is the ideal meal that will make a person feel satisfied, happy and full of energy? Suppose people can go through the drive through and order this ideal meal. Is it possible? Well yes this is possible. Some of us are busy individuals like super moms. People are going to need both convene and healthy options. This is the key to success. Finding the correct balance between a healthy life and a happy life. So once again. Think of an ideal meal. Is it tacos? Yes delicious tacos. Instead of choosing the tacos that were cooked and drenched with lots of oil, go ahead and choose the grilled meat taco on a corn tortilla. If a vegetarian option is desired choose the impossible taco meat. This has a very delicious umami flavor. Instead of ordering 4 tacos, try ordering two tacos that are double stuff with a lean protein and double the veggies. Don’t forget to add beans on the side. This is a good source of fiber that will help fill your growling tummy. Getting creative can make or break a diet. Try adding a side of roasted sweet potatoes with cinnamon instead of ordering churros. Sub the large sugary soda for a flavored soda water that is not sweetened. If you need some sweetness in this drink then get creative. Judge Napolitano recommends buying some natural non sweetened flavors that can be found in the cake aisle of the grocery store. Then get some monk fruit powdered sweetener. Being happy and healthy is just around the corner.


Father George Rutler Lists Some Healthy Snack Foods

New York pastor Father George Rutler knows that in order to obtain a healthy diet and a full stomach, incorporating healthy food into a daily routine is important in order to fulfill food groups and feel better. Replacing unhealthy food is just the beginning to a healthy lifestyle, so it is a beneficial way to start the journey to overall health.

Veggie Chips

Veggie chips are puff chips made from carrots, spinach and potatoes. Instead of the unhealthy, salty and greasy feeling of potato or nacho cheese chips, veggie chips can provide a healthy alternative that feels very similar. With less sodium and sugar content, veggie chips are a good start to snacking healthily.

Celery and Peanut Butter

As a snack made popular by kindergarten or babysitters, celery and peanut butter is a healthy snack that still holds up in an older age. Giving a sweet taste of peanut butter providing protein and the celery providing daily greens, the combination is a healthy crunchy snack that will fill one up until their next meal.

For a fun twist, adding chocolate chips or raisins to the top of the peanut butter can add to the classic taste. Adding a bit more of the sweet flavor will make the celery more desirable, thus making it an even more filling snack.

Granola Bars

Another sweeter healthy snack are granola bars. Providing the healthy impact of oats, nuts or potentially peanut and other nut butters, granola bars are usually a good source of protein. In some cases, granola bars may have chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, or other sweet additions, making it not only a good snack, but a sweet alternative to an after dinner dessert.

Dried Fruit Strips

Dried fruit strips are chewy, thin strips of different fruit flavors that can replace an unhealthy option such as chewy candy. Obviously, these snacks are made from natural fruit and natural fruit flavors, providing the natural sugars needed in a daily diet. Again, these can replace a dessert if necessary, and provide a way to substitute a chewy sweet with something similar, yet healthy.

Trail Mix

Another way to obtain a source of protein is from eating a trail mix. Either store bought or homemade, trail mix is more often than not made up of nut mixtures, providing the daily intake of protein. If desired, trail mixes may come with raisins, chocolate chips, or M&M candies, adding a sweet touch.

Dark Chocolate

For those who are still weaning off their sweet tooth, dark chocolate may be a good healthy switch. Dark chocolate had much less sugar than other chocolates, as well as many minerals and antioxidants. Still providing the sense of eating something sweet and unhealthy, dark chocolate is a beneficial and actually healthy snack that may help those who are having a hard time leaving chocolate snacks behind.

Eating Healthy in Day-to-Day Life
Making easy switches to healthy options, especially in one’s snack choices, is very important in order to make the switch to a healthy lifestyle. Many people are working healthy snacks into their daily diet in order to change their lives and transform their health. To learn more about Father George Rutler, visit his biography.


Healthy Dessert Recipes

So much has changed for so many, we need to make some corresponding changes in our eating and taking care of ourselves. With more time spent with family, we are told that this should make us happier. The family is all. When it is not so, that causes ill feelings. The time with others presents new problems that won’t go away often causing stress. These children, ours, or the spouse have mannerisms, ways that are bothering, or noise that can not be avoided. That is them. Stress abounds. Before we know it the stress is eating at us. To change our minds and think differently requires real grit. It is not easy.

Most of us need to have a sugar fix almost every day. Or our refrigerators are packed with energy drinks, sports drinks, caffeinated drinks. In addition, coffee is handy and our bodies need so much fluid. We see lots of advertisements for gymnasiums and diet systems. Suddenly the day is done and the exercise has been forgotten. We have tried most of the diets and found they did not work for us.

Helen Lee Schifter knows that It is hard to change habits. Doing without favorite foods is almost impossible. But, change is called for now. It is difficult to cut down on the serving of cake or ice cream. Try changing slowly. A little less at a time. Change one food and try one exercise. Let the mind and body feel the benefits of the change, and feeling better, then it is not so impossible to increase the good foods, to add some exercises. Maybe meditation can begin. The mind, when well and peaceful, makes us healthy.

It is important to stay well. That is easily said, but how does the body become well when we feel so miserable? Now is the time to meditate, let the mind rest, learn to turn away the negative and accept the positive. Helen Lee Schifter, who is a former arbitrage trader on Wall Street, talks of meditation and the tea ceremony to ease the mind, omit stress, and gain peace. She also talks of eating more vegetables and fruits.

Most raw and natural foods have sugars but our bodies utilize them more easily than processed sugar. Sugar actually takes more energy out of our bodies than is put in. The loss of energy causes the desire for more sugar to gain the energy back. The chemical structure of processed sugars is not good for our bodies.

A good cookbook for healthy foods, including healthy desserts, is an old Alaskan book titled, Cooking. Alaskan published by Alaska Magazine. It has a bunch of fruit desserts that are good and most of them are low on sugar, using the sugar in the fruits. There is an entire section for blueberry desserts, like Blueberry Delight and Blueberry Pie. Any fruit recipe is better, generally healthy and the sugar can be cut down or a sugar replacement can be used. Yogurt is better than ice cream and tastes as good.

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5 Small Things You Can Do to Change the Way You Look

Everyone goes through stages where they feel like they want to change the way they look. However, it doesn’t always take a lot to make yourself feel better about yourself and to feel better. Here are some small things you can do, starting today, to work towards a new you.

  1. Have your teeth fixed

Your teeth are a small part of your face but getting cosmetic dentistry can make a huge difference to the way you look. Visiting a dentist such as Dr Bobby Chhoker, who specialises in cosmetic dentistry, can make a big difference and give you a lot more confidence. You could potentially have clear braces, giving you straighter teeth, or implants to replace damaged or missing teeth, giving you your smile back.

  • Eat better

Eating well isn’t all about losing weight. It can help:

  • Slow down the ageing process
  • Give your skin a glow
  • Give you more energy, allowing you to exercise more
  • Give you better looking skin and nails

It’s not a huge effort to eat better. There are lots of places to get healthy eating ideas, so you can eat delicious food that are still low calorie and low carb. Simply make a few changes to your diet, and in a few months, you’ll no doubt have people commenting on how different you look.

  • Shop for a new wardrobe

Clothes make a huge change to your appearance. If you choose clothes that are flattering and stylish, you can look ten years younger, so it’s worth going shopping and trying some different styles. You don’t have to spend a lot to look good. You simply need clothes that fit well and suit you. If you hate shopping, consider working with a personal stylist, so that they can pick clothes that really work for your lifestyle.

  • Change your make-up

Make-up is something that can be tricky to master, so if you’ve not been good at applying make-up in the past, it may be worth reviewing what’s in your bag. You can take a make-up lesson, which can be tailored to you, and means you can apply your own make-up daily with confidence. However, don’t feel like you always need a full face of make-up to look good, most people find a minimal amount works well too.

  • Use cosmetic fillers

Instead of committing to a major surgery, fillers often provide some of the same effects, without the recovery period. But you should do your research first and make sure you get them done somewhere that follows advice on safe filler usage. From sculpting your face to removing lines, there’s a huge amount of ways to use fillers, and the best part is, they give you instant results. They can help you get the look you want without the pain and cost of surgery.

Changing your look doesn’t mean spending a lot of money or going under the knife. Some small changes can make a big difference and allow you to change the things you don’t like, with minimal effort.



The term veganism is very popular nowadays. It is clear that people have made lifestyle changes to better serve their communities and the planet. By going vegan, many people reduce the production of milk and animal slaughters. There has been an ongoing debate on whether or not veganism was the original way of life. When did people start drinking snail milk? How did the first humans survive off of plants? Is meat actually good for us or are there other ways to find protein? These questions constantly circulate the internet and make it difficult for people to decide what the right answer is. Scientists and Alexander Djerassi have pondered these questions for long amounts of time. Many corporations like Whole Foods and Trader Joes have produced lines of products that are dairy and meat-free. It allows for vegan people to get adequate protein and still be healthy.