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Texas Olive Oil Infused

Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn How to Cook

Why Cook? There are some basic skills that everyone should know. According to Helen Schifter, cooking is one of them. She feels that everyone should know how to cook. She does not mean that every person has to make gourmet five course meals. Schifter feels that people should have some basic cooking skills so they […]


Proper Nutrition (Some Quick Tips)

Better Eating = Better Life Everyone understands that eating well is linked to a better quality of life; however, this is more so something that people have grown to accept as opposed to really seeing how it leads to a better quality of life. For starters, Andrew Napolitano thinks it is important for people to […]


Can Fast Food be Healthy? (Here’s what to Know)

Fast food – can it be healthy? There are a lot of comments of people putting on weight in the past two years. Stress can be a big factor. Sometimes a person doesn’t realize the effect that a simple action can have on their life. For example,  Judge Napolitano has discovered a way of life […]


Simple Dinner Recipes to Make at Home

After a long day at work, the last thing a person wants to do is stand in the kitchen and prepare a big meal. Father George Rutler understands this. At the same time, he feels that sitting down and enjoying a meal is important for the family. These are some simple dinner recipes to make […]


Best Homemade Italian Dishes (A Quick Guide)

There are many homemade Italian dishes that can be made from scratch that are better than restaurant dinner meals. Those dishes are typically better than restaurant made food. Andrew Napolitano is Italian that would prefer homemade Italian food rather than restaurant Italian food. Napolitano is from New Jersey which is close to New York where […]