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Top 5 Fall Dessert Recipes

Top 5 Fall Dessert Recipes

The fall season is a great time to experiment with cooking. Many dishes come together when the right ingredients have been assembled. Fall cooking will teach people more about the desserts and ingredients. Helen Lee Schifter is an advocate of healthy eating all year round. She will be glad to explain how cooks can make progress. She is an expert and wants people to take better care of their bodies. The fall dessert recipes are heart healthy and do help people maintain a diet. That is fun and can teach cooks more options.

Sweet Potato Casserole:

The sweet potato is actually surprisingly versatile for fall desserts. Boil the sweet potatoes and then skin them in the kitchen. Then mash the insides and create a pulpy mass for the dessert. Mix in low sodium butter and layer the mash in a glass pan. Then add some crumbled pecans and cranberries to the mix. Brown sugar can also be added to the casserole. Layer small marshmallows on top of the casserole. Cook the mix in the oven and the casserole will brown. The hot dish will be the perfect fall dish to serve to people.

Pumpkin Pie Dish:

The pumpkin pie is an iconic staple for the fall desserts. Many Thanksgiving meals are not complete without that dessert on the table. The pumpkin pie is actually easy to make in the home. Actually, some brands are now selling pumpkin pie filling in a can. Set a pie crust and dollop the mixture within it. Then add some brown sugar and nutmeg to the mix. Brown in the oven and then serve on a plate. Dollop some whipped cream on top for a nice finish. The sweet treat is perfect for the guests.

Thanksgiving Cheesecake:

A cheesecake is an iconic dessert to make for any event. The Thanksgiving cheesecake will bring together some familiar spices. Helen Lee Schifter would be proud to make that dish at home. Start by just making a basic cheesecake. Let it chill once it is set and baked. Then add some nutmeg and cinnamon to the top of it. Add whipped cream on top to complete the dessert dish.

Apple Fritters:

The apple is a great fruit to use during the fall season. The apple can be boiled and peeled for culinary usage. A fritter is an easy dessert to make in the kitchen. It takes just a little prep time to bring together. The crust should be lightly brown and flaky as a texture. Add basic spices like cinnamon to complete the dessert. Guests can dollop their own whipped cream on top of it too.

Apple Pie:

Everyone loves apple pie, since it is an American favorite. The apple pie dessert has long been a fall favorite. Be sure to boil the apples and peel them ahead of time. Some brands actually sell canned apples for pie making. The experience will be fun and suitable for the family. Buy pie crusts and cinnamon to complete it.

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