BFrank Coaching Program Makes a Real Difference

Bri Franklin: How the BFrank Coaching Program Makes a Real Difference

The journey to health and wellness can be an overwhelming one, which is why so many people find it necessary to enlist the help of a coach. Having a professional to turn to when things get hard lets you receive helpful feedback and guidance so that you can stay on track no matter what else is going on. 

But finding the right person to guide you through these major life changes can be daunting. In a topic as sensitive and personal as health and fitness, many people need a specific kind of coach to get them through it successfully. For most, an effective coach is someone who can push you in the right direction and keep you motivated, all without being too judgmental or overly strict.  

In a word, you don’t just need someone to tell you what to do. You need someone who understands all of the trials and tribulations that come with getting healthy – and someone who has been there themselves. Many times, this is a fine line! 

For anyone on the hunt for a coach who understands both health science and the psychology behind it, you might want to consider Bri Franklin. Bri’s coaching program, BFrank Coaching, is a strategic health education program that aims to teach you about your body’s needs, then empower you to make the right decisions to keep yourself healthy for the rest of your life. 

The secret sauce? The coach behind BFrank Coaching, Bri Franklin, has been there before. She uses her background as an athlete, nutritionist, and educator, in combination with her own experiences struggling with health and wellness, to create a comprehensive program that actually works. 

Who is Bri Franklin?

Before Bri Franklin started her coaching program, she had been through her own struggles finding ways to balance her health and her habits. 

When she was younger, Bri was very active, dedicating a big portion of her time to fitness and competitive sports. But when she entered college, she started to realize something: physical activity on its own doesn’t make you healthy. She noticed that her poor nutrition and eating habits were beginning to catch up to her, and she continued to struggle with these points throughout the rest of her schooling. 

Then, she started CrossFit training, and something changed. She started to gain a better understanding of the intricate relationship between food and fitness. But still, she found that she was struggling to see consistent progress. Her mentality, like many of us, was that she could simply work out harder in the gym to make up for the other bad habits. 

It took many years to fully understand concepts of health, nutrition, and her own needs, but Bri finally found a way to fuel and nourish her body in a way that was sustainable. She became a certified nutritionist through the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN), a Precision Nutrition coach, and even opened her own facility.

Then, she realized that others were also dealing with the same struggles that she had when she was younger. She decided to do something about it – and BFrank Coaching was born.  

Why Bri Created BFrank Coaching 

Bri decided to start BFrank Coaching after noticing a recurring pattern with the people who came to her gym – and funnily enough, it was the same pattern that she had struggled with herself in years past. Even though they were putting in the work and time in the gym, they were having a hard time dealing with the other 97% of the time that was spent outside of it. 

She realized that there was no shortage of fitness programs, but coaching programs that made a real difference were few and far in between. 

She was tired of seeing programs that were promising unrealistic results. She was also tired of programs that only delivered short-term changes, but did nothing to teach its participants about long-term habit changes or sustainable systems. 

So she decided to create BFrank Coaching: a coaching program that gives you a comprehensive education on topics beyond basic nutrition and fitness concepts. Bri’s goal with this program was not to create another “lose-weight-quick” scheme or thirty-day crash course. She wanted to help her clients find ways to make real impacts on their lives from their health to their wellness. 

She based her program on her own real-life experiences, using her own story to help others understand and face all the challenges that we go through in the 21st century. She had learned from experience that excessive workouts and fad diets did nothing for her progress in the long run, so she wanted to make sure that the clients who signed on for her program were being empowered to take control of their own health from the start. 

In short, Bri designed BFrank Coaching to be the final answer for everyone who had tried every other program without making any meaningful progress! 

How BFrank Coaching Works 

First and foremost, Bri is not a weight loss coach. But that doesn’t mean that her clients don’t see those results. 

BFrank Coaching is a health education program. It has a methodical approach to helping you reach your goals. Using a well-researched, science-backed approach, Bri’s coaching program guides you through all the nitty-gritty factors that go into your health from your nutrition to your gut health to your time management habits. 

BFrank Coaching doesn’t just hold your hand and walk you through each individual step you need to take to improve your life. Instead, it promotes health independence.

Bri gives you the tools and information you need. But more importantly, she then shows you how to establish sustainable systems that you can turn to for the rest of your life. Her coaching program empowers you and promotes critical thinking, not just mindlessly following meal plans or checking workouts off on a generalized workout to-do list. 

Bri offers three different coaching options for people in various stages of their health journey: 

  • 1-on-1 individualized coaching 
  • A small group program following her Fundamental Health Formula
  • A self-guided learning option for the motivated but independent learner

No matter which coaching program you choose, Bri’s straightforward approach and education-based curriculum give you all the tools you need to improve your lifestyle, drop bad habits, and stay empowered to make the right decisions for your health for the long run! 

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