Benefits of Eating Home Cooked Meals  

Eating at Home

Eating at home is sometimes difficult. People are busy, particularly during the evening when dinners are being prepared and eaten. It can be tempting to run through a drive-thru. Fast food dinners also seem cost-effective, and for those with children, fast food is likely pleasing to the kids. Not to mention, many restaurants are now offering delivery to more people’s homes than ever before. However, eating food prepared at home has a variety of benefits.

First, home-cooked food is cheaper in the long run. Making a plan for meals and sticking to it will help save money. Perhaps even taking a day to prepare meals for the week’s lunches and dinners would also prevent the siren call of the delivery app or drive-thru. Sticking to a food plan and grocery list will save money over time.

Another benefit to eating at home is knowing what is in the food. Fast food often uses the cheapest ingredients to drive up profit margins. However, cooking at home allows one to use higher quality ingredients and avoid potential allergens or food sensitivities any family members may have. Also, restaurant food is often fried or covered in fatty and sugary sauces. A home cook has access to an air fryer or crockpot and healthier sauces.

A home-cooked meal is likely to contain more fruits and veggies than a fast food combo. Helen Lee Schifter recommends filling half your plate with fruits and vegetables and then finishing off the plate with healthy proteins and grains. Healthy eating habits like these will keep the family out of the doctor’s office and lead to better sleep and concentration.

Often when people eat out, they will drink soda or some sort of alcoholic beverage. While these beverages are acceptable for most people in moderation, they should not be the go-to drinks. Plain water is the best choice, and if the family eats at home, it is much easier to avoid the temptation of the sugar-laden drink. Helen Lee Schifter recommends drinking a lot of water as part of a total healthy lifestyle.

Cooking at home is a life skill and adds to family bonding. Children and teenagers need to learn how to cook for themselves and others, even if they only learn to cook a few favorite dishes. Sharing these skills as a family allows for closeness that many families are losing out on in our busy culture.

Eating out can be fun and sometimes necessary when a family is very busy. However, the benefits of eating at home are undeniable. First, eating at home is cheaper. It is also far healthier since home cooks can control the quality of ingredients. People eating at home are more likely to drink water rather than sugary drinks. Also, families who cook together can spend time together learning recipes and passing down a valuable life skill to the next generation. Start simple with just one meal a day and your family will see the many benefits of eating at home.

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