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Infection Prevention and its Role Within Nursing Homes

Did you know that 1 in 3 million serious infections occur every year in nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities? Before COVID-19, 380,000 nursing home residents died due to infection annually. 40% of nursing homes were cited for poor infection control practices which directly lead to the spread of skin infections, gastrointestinal […]


Ways to Make a Move Smooth

Life can be unpredictable, but at one point or another, you are bound to need to make a change. Whether it is a change in your career path, a lifestyle change, or a change in location, it can be a lot of work and potentially stressful to undergo these big changes. However, life changes don’t […]


8 Clauses Commonly Found in Lease Agreements

Lease agreements are legally binding contracts between two or more parties. They typically outline the responsibilities and obligations of both the landlord and tenant, as well as specify the rights and remedies of each party if something goes wrong. Lease agreements can be complex documents, and knowing what each clause means is important before signing […]


CBD And Sleep: Why It Might Work For You

Most people know that CBD can be used to help with anxiety and pain relief. However, did you also know that CBD can also be effective in inducing sleep? Nowadays, more and more fitness professionals are exploring Cannabidiol Gummies for a good rest. But what’s the correlation between CBD and Sleep? Why might it improve […]


3 Refreshing Hibiscus Flavored Cocktails

Have you heard of Hibiscus? You probably have if you are into fitness, fitness fashion, and fitness accessories. A popular fitness item is Hibiscus. Hibiscus flavor has a deliciously acidic, tangy flavor and is vivid crimson in color. It’s also a trending beverage. You can make so many cocktails with this fantastic flavor. Not only are […]