Keeping Up With Loyalty Programs

The internet has extended its reach, and 21st century businesses are no exception. Major brands such as Uber, Starbucks, and Amazon all have released loyalty reward apps on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. Alongside most of these applications are loyalty programs, which help to track purchase history and to reward returning customers. But with a plethora of companies offering numerous apps, how do they compare to each other?

On average, it seems like the marketplaces have extremely similar tastes for travel transportation apps, such as Expedia, Southwest Airlines, and Fly Delta. However, we see the opposite for shopping apps. Instead, we see the App Store preferring apps like Lululemon and Target, while the Play Store prefers apps like Sam’s Club and the Home Depot. Despite these slight differences, it seems that the top 10 most downloaded between the 2 stores have more apps in common than not.

Ultimately, even though consumer preferences may vary across the marketplaces, it is undeniable that many see the benefits from applications and loyalty programs. In order to get the most out of the programs you want, platforms like Rewards That Matter are quintessential. Whether you want to keep up with the news for your favorite loyalty programs, or to get a concise overview, Rewards That Matter can help get you up to speed.

How Do Consumers Rate the Top Loyalty Rewards Apps

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