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The Ultimate Guide to Keeping up Your Workout Routine as Corona Drags On

The pandemic has changed everything, including the way we work, socialize, and exercise. That doesn’t mean your fitness routine has to suffer.

Things may not be the same, but we can adjust to this new normal by making changes. This includes adapting your workout routine.

Let’s look into how you can keep up an exercise routine in the midst of COVID-19, even if your gym is closed. 

Have a Fitness Plan

Having a plan will help you stick to your routine or get comfortable with a new routine. To help you stick with your plan, keep the following in mind:

Schedule Your Workouts

If you find yourself having trouble keeping your workouts, try scheduling them as you would a work meeting or doctor’s appointment. This helps you prioritize your fitness and lowers the chances of canceling these “appointments.” 

Listing the workouts you’ll be doing each day will also help motivate you and help you mentally prepare for your routine.  

Set Concrete Goals

It’s easier to stick to a workout routine if you have a goal in mind. Every workout will bring you a step closer to meeting this goal. The more specific your goal, the better. 

For example, plan to run for 15 minutes on certain days and do half an hour of strength training on others. 

Track Your Workout Routine

When setting goals, you’ll want to see how close you are to meeting them. Write down each workout or track your progress using fitness apps to show how well you’re doing in your fitness journey. 

Keeping in touch with like-minded people will also help you stay on track. 

No Gym? Incorporate At-Home Workouts

If you’re able to work out in the gym through the wearing of medical masks, you can follow the tips above to stay motivated. If your usual gym is still closed or you’d prefer to workout at home, there are some simple workouts you can do at home, no equipment needed:


All you need to get started with yoga is a mat. There are many online programs to choose from that can guide you through the process. Whether you’re a beginner or a yoga aficionado, there are programs for everyone. 


Grab your running shoes and get outside for a workout that will provide you with fresh air while increasing endorphins. Whether you choose to walk or run, you’ll still reap the benefits of cardio. 

Bodyweight Exercises

If you miss strength training, you can still get a workout using just your bodyweight. For a good workout that will help you keep your muscle tone, try:

  • Air squats 
  • Reverse lunges 
  • Push-Ups
  • Planks 

Adapt Your Workout Routine with These Tips

The coronavirus pandemic doesn’t have to put an end to your workout routine. While you may need to make some changes, you can still stay fit and healthy, even if you can’t get to a gym. 

Make a plan, set goals, and track your progress to improve your chances of sticking with your new routine. If you’re trying to adjust to an at-home workout routine, you can do this by incorporating bodyweight exercises, cardio, and trying yoga. 

You may just end up finding a new exercise that you love. 

Looking for more exercise inspiration? Check out our workout builder and start making your fitness plan today. 



The term veganism is very popular nowadays. It is clear that people have made lifestyle changes to better serve their communities and the planet. By going vegan, many people reduce the production of milk and animal slaughters. There has been an ongoing debate on whether or not veganism was the original way of life. When did people start drinking snail milk? How did the first humans survive off of plants? Is meat actually good for us or are there other ways to find protein? These questions constantly circulate the internet and make it difficult for people to decide what the right answer is. Scientists and Alexander Djerassi have pondered these questions for long amounts of time. Many corporations like Whole Foods and Trader Joes have produced lines of products that are dairy and meat-free. It allows for vegan people to get adequate protein and still be healthy.


5 Smartphone Apps to Monitor your Health

Of all the many benefits humanity receives from the digital revolution, the health sector might be at the top of the tree, and with smartphone apps, you can easily monitor many aspects of your health. Here are our top 5 health apps that you can download onto your device today.

  1. Instant Heart Rate – Measure your heart rate while working out or exercising; simply put your finger over the camera lens and the app will tell you your heart rate. This free to download app is ideal, as it can be used at any time and you don’t need any equipment aside from your smartphone. This app works best with a camera that has a flash facility.
  2. I-Care Health Monitor – Another free app, this one measures your heart rate and blood pressure, plus it can also measure respiratory rate, pulse wave, oxygen, lung capacity and even colour blindness. Simply place your index finger over the rear camera lens and hold it until instructed, and multiple testing is recommended for accuracy.
  3. My Plate – Calorie Checker – Perfect if you want to lose weight, this handy app tracks your calorie and water intake on a daily basis, and with a handy barcode scanner, you can record food items with ease. The app can also give you calorie and weight goals, and with a free download in Android or iOS, you can keep track of your dietary input and know when you are in need of hydration.
  4. Pulse Point – This app can be a lifesaver for a person with heart issues, as it can notify a specific carer of a change in heart rate, and once the CPR alert has gone out, the carer can take action. Companies that develop apps use SEO services by Move Ahead Media, a leading UK agency that has an impressive list of clients. The more people know about the app, the better, and digital marketing is used to maximise the exposure, encouraging users to download the app and receive the health benefits it brings. If you are looking to lose weight, here are some tips on when to fast, which is recommended reading.
  5. Kardia by AlivecOre – This is another free EKG app, with approval from the FDA regarding clinical validation, and it allows you to track your exercise routine, sleep patterns, dietary habits and respiration. This app does require the use of Kardia Mobile, and it helps the user by monitoring and sharing your health data with a physician, while also providing EKG analysis from certified cardiologists. Here is some UK government information about cardiovascular disease.

The healthcare sector benefits greatly from the use of smartphone apps and if you would like to browse what’s on offer, go to Play Store and check out the innovative apps that can monitor all aspects of your health. All of the above apps are free to the user, and the future should bring AI merged tech that will be able to diagnose diseases at a very early stage, which is good for everyone.


Ken Kurson: Should Offices Eliminate the Use of Paper

With the constant debate of climate change circulating in politics and news, Ken Kurson has an opinion on what he believes is preeminent for the corporate world. Kurson acknowledges that the corporate world still uses an immense amount of paper and unsustainable products, but that can be reconstructed and changed for the better. 

His experience has been primarily based on broadcasting and journalism. He has written several books, wrote and edited articles for The Observer and California Globe, and so much more. Although he is guilty himself of using paper throughout his career, he knows it’s time for a transformation. 

One of the first steps Kurson took to be more green in his personal life by planting. He enjoys planting vegetables and small trees wherever he can. This allows oxygen to be penetrated back in the world and assists with so many other environmental factors. The earth is in a crisis because of the high temperature it will reach in the next decade. Although most of that percentage is allotted to people burning fossil fuels and greenhouse gases, stopping paper production would be an adequate solution.

If the world just suddenly stopped the production of paper and paper goods, the forests, water, air, and carbon emissions, would be stabilized. Many offices don’t think of how much paper they use because they are more concentrated on business relations. Kurson suggests there should be a person hired in each industry who specializes in environmental sciences. This would allow business people to concentrate only on business matters while a professional environmentalist came up with incentives to help the office stay greener. 

Think about it, if there were costs associated with not recycling or using an abundance of paper, people wouldn’t do it. It’s the same for major corporations. Kurson urges them to hire professionals that can rework how they run their offices and operations. With such an increase in digital activity for all of humanity, corporations will have to start adapting to newer technologies. 

Presentations are now done online, a meeting is held through Zoom, and contracts can be signed digitally. Overall, the world is changing to become more immersive with technology so that’s why the paper should be eliminated from offices. Ken Kurson values for companies like Amazon and Google that are setting goals to have zero net carbon emissions by 2030. Those billion-dollar companies may be able to rework their entire production system but other companies can take small steps to benefit the planet as well. Reducing the amount of paper in each demographic will drastically change the way of the world, according to Book and Film Globe. Billions of people will have to commit to being paperless for this initiative to really have a strong effect on all societies. Pollution is a grim issue and the machines used to cut down trees are horrible in terms of greenhouse gases. Kurson knows that this will be a challenge to many. Sometimes offices function off of paper and non-recyclable items. However, for the benefit of the environment, these changes need to start happening within the next year. If America were to start the ball rolling on paperless corporations, maybe the rest of the world would follow in its footsteps.

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Molekule Review: Introducing the Air Pro

Molekule’s latest air purifier improves air quality in both large homes and corporate settings.

In recent years, Americans have been enjoying cleaner, fresher air thanks to Molekule’s ever-evolving range of air-purification devices. But as dirty air continues to pose a threat across the U.S. – and around the world – Molekule is further developing its host of air-purification models to provide clean air in yet more environments. This fall, Molekule is due to deliver Molekule Air Pro, which is designed to sit at the intersection of professional-grade cleaning and consumer needs, purifying the air in both large domestic settings and corporate environments. 

The Air Pro will be the latest model in Molekule’s science-driven product range, which currently comprises Air, Air Mini, Air Mini+, and Air Pro RX. The growing range of air purifiers tackles contaminated air in spaces of almost any size. While Molekule’s consumer devices destroy contaminants in spaces up to 250 and 600 square feet, Molekule has engineered the Air Pro to meet the demands of large professional spaces and homes of up to 1,000 square feet.

Introducing Molekule Air Pro

Like the other purifiers in Molekule’s product range, Air Pro has been scientifically proven to destroy bacteria, mold, viruses, chemicals, and allergens. However, Molekule has advanced its pollution detection even further with Air Pro, which uses a laser-based particle sensor to detect and categorize three sizes of airborne particles. Air Pro uses a 360° intake feature, which captures contaminants from every side. While the advanced PECO-Filter captures and destroys these pollutants, the purifier’s 360° air outlet continuously disperses clean air across the room.

Third-party tested and meticulously engineered, Air Pro is Molekule’s most advanced device to date. The new purifier delivers more airflow than Molekule’s other award-winning consumer purifiers and senses three sizes of particles, making it ideal for high-traffic areas, large rooms, and allergen-filled spaces.

The model’s technology-driven system comprises:

  • 3x the airflow: Increased airflow – designed to meet the needs of businesses and high-traffic areas, Air Pro delivers 3x the airflow of Molekule’s award-winning consumer devices
  • A nanocatalyst-coated PECO-Filter, which reacts to a light inside the device and destroys pollutants.
  • High-efficiency outer filter layers, which trap large particles and slow down VOCs.
  • Enhanced Detection, particle sensor detects air particles in three sizes: PM10, PM2.5, and PM1.
  • Two Auto Protect modes, Standard and Quiet, both of which automatically adjust the level of air purification.
  • A user-friendly touch screen, which helps you visualize changes in the air, track filter replacements, and change fan speed.
  • A protective anodized aluminum casing, which provides an aesthetically pleasing matte finish.

Nanocatalyst-Coated PECO-Filter

Molekule has continued to develop its advanced PECO  technology and nanocatalyst coating and applied that learning to the Air Pro’s enterprise-grade filter. Having already developed a range of highly successful devices, Molekule’s laboratory team has taken extensive measures to perfect the robust reliability and cutting-edge air-purification technology that Air Pro offers. 

Your Molekule device and companion app will let you know when you need to replace your PECO-Filter. You can also sign up for Molekule’s subscription plan to receive alerts when your filter replacement intervals come around. Once you’ve signed up, Molekule will deliver new filters to your door with no shipping costs.

Particle Sensors

Air Pro detects three particle types: PM10 (pollen), PM2.5 (dust), and PM1 (smoke). The sensors can identify particles as small as 0.3 microns. Your touch-screen display will show the sizes of particles present in your air and track reductions in these particles as Air Pro removes these contaminants.

Auto Protect Modes

Air Pro’s two Auto Protect modes (Standard Auto Protect and Quiet Auto Protect) allow you to adjust your level of air purification. Molekule recommends using the standard mode when more particles are in the air, such as while cooking or cleaning. Meanwhile, the quiet mode is better suited for nighttime or during business calls when the volume needs to be especially low. You can also flip manually between six fan speeds to increase or decrease the level of air purification.

User-Friendly Touch Screen 

The Air Pro is complete with Molekule’s largest touch screen to date. The intuitive touch screen provides access to a suite of information and enables you to change fan speeds instantly. The touch screen also alerts you to changes in air quality and filter life. 

All data displayed on the touch screen corresponds with Molekule’s companion app, which shows you a detailed visual representation of current particulate levels. The app also tells you when your next filter replacement is due, tracks filter life, and allows you to manage your filter auto-refills. On top of this, you can use the app to control your device from anywhere, at any time. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection.

Protective Anodized Aluminium Casing 

The Air Pro is encased in anodized aluminium with a textured plastic base, giving the purifier a sleek matte finish that integrates seamlessly with any setting. Molekule specifically chose anodized aluminum and plastic because both materials are low in VOCs. The Air Pro is also complete with a vegan leather handle for easy transportation between rooms or buildings.

Who Needs the Molekule Air Pro?

The Air Pro is particularly suited for open spaces where there is a high level of foot traffic or chemical/PM exposure such as:

  • Residential accommodations with open floor plans and/or large rooms.
  • Educational institutions, schools with classrooms, and/or large offices.
  • Hotels with large suites.
  • Dental offices with large waiting areas and/or high-traffic areas.
  • Healthcare facilities with large waiting areas and/or high-traffic areas.
  • Commercial spaces with stores and/or restaurants.

About Molekule

Molekule’s vision is to create a world in which every home and business has clean air in every room. The science-driven air-purification experts are committed to revolutionizing the air-purification industry with groundbreaking technology that redefines how we clean the air in our homes and workplaces. 

The Edison Awards Consumer Goods, Time 25 Best Inventions, and Popular Science have presented Molekule with awards for its acclaimed air-purification technology. The proprietary photo electrochemical oxidation (PECO) technology destroys contaminants at a molecular level to clean the air. 

As exclusive PECO-technology specialists, Molekule reviews and assesses each of its air purifiers, both with rigorous in-house quality procedures and certified third-party tests. These tests conclude that Molekule’s PECO technology can destroy biological particles such as viruses, destroying 99.999 percent of RNA virus MS2 within 24 hours and 99.9477 percent of coronavirus proxy concentrations within 1 hour. All Molekule devices remove inert particles as well, with Molekule Air and Molekule Air Mini removing 84%-85% percent of smoke within 22 minutes. 

Air pollution is a growing issue, but many people aren’t aware of how dirty the air in their homes and work environments really is. Molekule promotes the message that protecting your indoor spaces is now more important than ever and continuously works to deliver clean air to everyone, everywhere. Look out for Molekule’s new Air Pro at The Air Pro doesn’t require any setup, retrofitting, or duct work. Simply plug the device in, and set it to Auto Protect.