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Tips for a Great Kava Tea Experience

Kava is likely one of those health products you’ve heard about but you’re always a little too unsure or intimidated to buy it for yourself. It’s true that there’s a lot of conflicting information about kava out there, much of it positive but also with some quite frightening negatives that cause people to hesitate. Below […]


Enjoy the Craft at Cowbell Brewery Co

Cowbell Brewery Co. is all about the craft. If you like a good craft beer or perhaps enjoy visiting destination breweries, add this countryside gem to your list. Located in Huron County, Ontario, Cowbell Brewery is found in the heart of a rural location.  The brewery itself is absolutely gorgeous and it’s a huge location […]


7 Steps to Take to Ensure Your Business is Cyber Secure

Not having a cyber secure business poses a substantial risk to your employees, customers, and company’s success. Thankfully, there are several simple steps in ensuring that your business is and remains cyber secure. 1- Identify Business Risks Your business is a target for cyber-attacks. To identify the risk level to your business from cyber-threats, consider […]

A Look at the Important Parts of a Toilet

A Look at the Important Parts of a Toilet

Homes today often have multiple bathrooms to accommodate the needs of growing families. Toilets specifically serve the important function of constantly refilling with clean water and flushing away waste. Knowing how the parts of a toilet work allow homeowners to have a better grasp on what should be replaced in the face of water leaks […]