Does Eating Healthy Stop COVID-19

Truly, the only entity that could protect a person from COVID-19 is a vaccine. That being said, other than masking up and staying socially distant, there has to be something else that can be done? Luckily, science has concluded that indeed keeping a healthy immune system can be key when avoiding COVID. Many experts in tea, like Helen Lee Schifter, practice healthy eating habits to maintain an adequate immune system.

In addition to eating healthy, we must drink healthy. By drinking warm teas that fill out immune systems with antioxidants and vitamins, our bodies will be more equipped to fight illnesses. Ginger, lemon, green, and jasmine tea are great ways to increase the wellness of your body. Teas are a cheap and easy way to also boost digestion.Of course, comfort food is a critical part of the winter season. However, just because comfort food is tasty, it doesn’t always mean healthy. Replacing certain food with vegetarian or fat-free options is a great way to stabilize calorie intake and remain healthy during winter. American food has always been very fatty and high in cholesterol, so trying other cultures’ food, that are much healthier, can benefit the body in many ways. Helen Lee Schifter has a luxurious palette of taste and recommends avoiding eating the same unhealthy food over and over.

Eat Food

Foods to Eat to Introduce Healthy Habits

There are definitely fun and delectable foods to try that have many health benefits to them. Now, more and more companies are introducing cleaner products. In addition, since veganism is on the rise, companies are collaborating with brands to offer dairy and meat-free foods. Now there are more and more foods to choose from that might taste similar to believed junk food, but in fact, are much healthier for your body. Health educators like Helen Schifter use these alternatives to transition themselves into a healthier lifestyle. 

When someone first starts their journey to a healthier being, it isn’t easy. For years, we fill our bodies with processed foods and fake sugars. As a result, our bodies get used to these foods and crave them. Getting over unhealthy food craving is the most difficult part of a journey which is why foods like celery, apples, strawberries, and kale are so important.These foods have an almost reverse effect. Replacing Cheetos with a filling salad or high protein meal is much more satisfying and useful to the body. By limiting how much soda you intake, simply drink a glass of water prior to any sugary drinks. By doing so, you will fill your body up with water and the soda might not seem as appetizing. Helen Schifter recommends shopping at organic stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes If you are in search of vegan alternatives.

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HCG Diet Tips for Any Vegan or Vegetarian

Are you looking to learn more about the HCG diet? Well, you’re in the right place.

In premise, the HCG diet holds the same requirements for vegans and vegetarians. However, there are some important things to keep a note of, because the diet will differ tremendously for both.

In this article, we will cover some HCG diet tips to ensure that your transition is as smooth as silk.

So keep reading to learn more and try the diet at your earliest convenience.

Some Requirements Are the Same

Some of the requirements of the HCG diet are the same for vegans and vegetarians. For instance, two servings of fruit each day, and two servings of veggies as well.

Vegetarians only have to stick to non-fat protein selections during the first phases of the diet. During the first couple of days, vegetarians can eat pretty much everything, and high-fat from full-fat dairy products can be eaten in preparation as well.

However, thanks to the very low-calorie diet, which lasts about 3 to 6 weeks, after which during phase 3, vegetarians are able to eat a more verbose collection of foods.

Avoid Grains

The biggest challenge that awaits those who are on the HCG diet is the avoidance of grains, as they are a powerful source of protein. 

However, there are many substitutes such as non-fat dairy products or whey meal replacements that can be used. Grains can be started again after the diet is completed, but during the third phase, full-fat dairy can be eaten, even though grains are still to be avoided.

There can be an exception for certain kinds of grains, as well as having a limited quantity of them. But this should be discussed with a medical provider, which will be able to help guide you in the right direction.

HCG Diet Tips: Results Will Vary

The results on the HCG diet will vary greatly for vegans and vegetarians. Vegetarians might experience reduced weight loss than a non-vegetarian because they have the milk protein source.

Dr. Simeons, the creator of the diet, noted that the high carbohydrate content of milk slows down the weight loss in vegetarians. The slower rate can be prevented with meal replacement packs, which have reduced carbohydrate quantities. 

This is not a problem for vegans, as milk is not a part of their diet.

Ensure That Milk Is Organic (If Any)

If you do choose to drink non-fat milk in the diet, you have to make sure that it’s organic. Non-organic milk can have a terrible effect on metabolism, due to the contaminants and hormones in the drink.

Also, you never want to drink this kind of milk because of its direct link to chronic health concerns. The best bet is to use meal replacements as mentioned earlier. 

Be Cautious With Whey

Whey protein is often a great replacement for vegetarians, not vegans. However, they often have many unnatural additive, preservatives, and other ingredients. 

When you are on the diet, you have to be careful with supplement use, and speak to the medical specialist about the supplements that you do plan on taking. This is because supplements can have a direct effect on hormone capacity for fat metabolisis.

Don’t pick a whey protein without speaking to your medical provider, and stick to organic, third-party tested products.

Legumes Are Great

A great option for both vegans and vegetarians is the legume protein. Certain soy like miso is low in fat, but not all soy products are like that. 

Pea protein is a great source of amino acids and is low in starch and carbs. There are many pea protein isolates that are great for this diet. 

But once again, speak to your medical provider and ask them about the product, ensure that it is truly vegan/vegetarian and that the quality is applicable to your health goals.

Make use of a vegan HCG diet plan if you have to. 

Phase 3 Tips

In phase 3, vegetarians are able to access a more verbose spectrum of foods. For instance, even though a regular person would not eat legumes, you can ask for an exception.

You also have the option to consume full-fat dairy products or reduced-fat products, but you have to be careful and stick with organic. The body is sensitive to weight gain when transitioning to a regular diet, so phase 3 is very important. 

It can be quite confusing is nutrition is not your strongest suit, so that’s why it’s important to be guided by a specialized medical professional at all times. And that’s for HCG diet tips.

Speak With a Specialist

The HCG diet does not have to be hard on vegans and vegetarians. There are many replacements for typical protein, and the most challenging part is only the first week of transition from a full-fledged diet to a restricted food list. 

If you are vegan/vegetarian, there are very minimal changes that must be made to your diet, and everything else can be left as it was before. Thus, the HCG diet is great for those who want a simple customized solution with great results and without significant sacrifice. 

HCG Done Right

Now that you have discovered the HCG diet tips, you are well on your way to starting this new stage in your life. As long as you stick true to your diet, take care of your health and consult with a specialist, the results will be outstanding and your well being optimal.

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On the other hand, New York Style Pizza is very thin and doesn’t hold as many toppings. Ironically both have similar amounts of calories even though their styles are very different. New York Style Pizza is also served very lucratively. Pizzerias sell slices on the go. In Chicago, you’d most likely want to sit down given that the deep dish pizza is very heavy.Both have positives and negatives. Those who prefer large amounts of cheese might be keener on Chicago style while those who like less would prefer New York. There are so many foods that cuties compete over which really adds to the quality of the dishes. Having a history and culture built around something as simple as pizza is a great way to bring communities together. Ken Kurson, who has worked in both cities, highly recommends trying both pizzas before making a decision. 


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Just because we are all stuck at home doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy typical Chicago cuisine. A deep-dish pizza is a lot easier to make then it seems and can satisfy a family’s urge to go out and get exposed.  Ken Kurson recommends supporting small businesses in any way one can. However, also cooking at home is always a fun and interventive option. 

Obviously, making deep dish pizza is a given. It takes a few hours and can really be a fun experience for the whole family. However, making some famous Chicago milkshakes is a super easy treat to make. The trick is basically to add as much lactose as you can. The midwest specializes in some of the best dairy in the world so using extra ice cream is certainly recommended. The famous Italian beef sandwich can also be curated at home. With the right ingredients, any of your favorite Chicago style foods can be done at home. The whole point is to make a fun experience for your family members. Midwesterners are huge in maintaining healthy relationships with family members. By inviting everyone in the kitchen to create a dish could help create new memories and help people find joy during these trying times. Ken Kurson highly enjoys making food with his family because it helps them remain positive during the pandemic.