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Five Tips for Your Perfect Miami Spring Wedding

With its optimal weather and blooming flora, spring is the ideal season for nuptials in Miami. To ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch, consider hiring event planners like Twenty Three Layers. Touted as a team of top-notch Miami event planners, Twenty Three Layers breathes simplicity and peace of mind into event planning. The company also has locations offering event planning services in Los Angeles and New York. With its industry knowledge and connections, it handles the most important details of your big day with great ease. 

1. Plan a Seasonal Menu

Cocktails and appetizers and desserts, oh my! With so many beverage and food options to choose from, it can prove difficult to develop a flawless menu. For spring weddings, refreshing spritzers and watermelon martinis are huge hits, especially in balmy Miami, Florida weather. Equally delectable are charcuterie boards, honey-glazed scallops, and macaroons. To guarantee that all palate preferences are catered to, hire a professional to cover all the bases. 

2. Take Advantage of More Flower Options

With seemingly every flower in bloom in spring, it can be hard to whittle down your options. From tulips and daffodils to peonies and lilacs, there’s no shortage of blooms to choose from. What’s more, you want to be sure that the flowers you select complement your color scheme and overall aesthetic. With that said, having an extra pair of eyes will help you achieve your desired look. Most importantly, it’s likely your event planner knows a florist who will make the flower curation process a breeze. 

3. Prepare for Weather Changes

With its fickle nature, the weather is often the top stressor on wedding days. For the sake of keeping you, your soon-to-be spouse, and your guests comfortable, it’s essential to have a backup plan if rain decides to rear its ugly head. Weddings already come with so many moving parts, and you shouldn’t be responsible for overseeing a last-minute mishap. With assistance from Miami event planners, you can rest assured that all eleventh-hour decisions will be expertly executed. 

4. Play with Casual Attire or Dress Up in Lighter Fabrics

Perhaps the most crucial detail of the day is what you’ll be wearing. The beauty of spring is that it allows for all hues, fabrics, and styles. The downfall of spring is that its fashion flexibility can cause wedding attire mayhem. For expert advice on how to choose the appropriate outfits, trust the help of professional party planners. Not only will their assistance make you feel more confident in your decision, but it’ll also take the stress out of establishing a dress code. 

5. Curate the Perfect Guest List

Being practical while creating a guest list is no easy task. In addition to being fair, you also want to stay within your budget. When you can’t decide if your estranged aunt or questionable uncle should be in attendance, your event planner will be your voice of reason. The guest list is often a point of contention, so if you find yourself in a pickle, allow your trusted event planner to get you out of a guest list mess. 
Twenty Three Layers is an event design and production firm in Miami with locations in New York and Los Angeles, offering global event planning expertise. Its sister company Neon River Weddings specializes in destination wedding planning services.

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Comedy in the COVID-Era: TikTok Stars Rise to Fame Amid Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has been unprecedented in its global destruction and displacing power. Millions of people globally have died as a result of the virus, and millions more have lost their jobs. In these times of political and social uncertainty, entertainment has never been more important to people. Isolation as a consequence of this pandemic has made entertainment even more important; consumers locked in their homes often have nowhere to turn but to media platforms to remain in good spirits. 

But of all the popular social media platforms experiencing a resurgence in interest during the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, few have been more successful than TikTok. Despite challenges from the U.S. federal government, the company has only expanded and grown during the pandemic. In many ways, TikTokers view their platform as a way to socialize and keep their morale up, even as the world falls apart around them. 

It isn’t just the platform that has seen tremendous success while people are locked inside their homes. TikTok personality Will Serra said that his account on the site has grown exponentially in followers since the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic. In just a few months, Serra’s audience grew from zero to 108,000 people. His videos have gone viral all over the world, and he credits his self-aware brand of humor for much of the success. 

Serra publishes content in a variety of niches. His comedy skits are the most popular; he remakes movie skits and creates meaningful satire. This variability in style has a lot to do with Serra’s unique background. He worked for several years in the United States Army, specializing as an intelligence analyst. After leaving the Army, he spent seven years as a defense contractor in Afghanistan, deleting all of his social media for security reasons in the process. 

Comedy brings us together. All around the world, people isolated and hiding from a potentially deadly virus are desperately looking for an escape from the troubles of a tumultuous year. TikTok, in many ways, presents the ideal format for this kind of escapist comedy. The relaxed, fun vibes of one-minute skits, songs, and dances brighten the days of countless viewers across multiple demographics. 

Serra began to hone-in his unique brand of comedy while serving in Iraq. He participated in short comedic sketches, but the kind of mass social media technology used by TikTok was not yet available at that time. Having visited 48 different countries, Serra’s comedic style is able to appeal to a surprisingly wide audience; his sketches have gone viral on several continents. Serra is older than many of the younger viewers who dominate the platform. But that hasn’t stopped him from making funny, goofy videos to make people smile. 

According to Serra, the best part about making videos on TikTok is hearing from people about how his content made them smile during dark days. As the global pandemic and social isolation continues, the work of viral artists like Will Serra will continue to become essential. After all, we could all use something to smile at!

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Army Veterans Find Large Audience on TikTok Platform

Veterans have always occupied a place close to the hearts of most Americans. Even before the rise of massive contemporary platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, videos featuring the troops showing off comedic songs, dances, and skits have often gone viral. In fact, troops fighting in the War on Terror often were the subject of popular obsessions in the United States. Men in the Army, clad in their Army sleepwear, have won the hearts of millions as they danced to popular songs. 

But the rise of platforms like TikTok have made it even easier for the average content creator to have their comedy skits and dances broadcast to millions. And while Generation Z continues to be the core demographic of TikTok’s social media application, an increasing number of former Army service members are using their military background to jumpstart exciting careers in comedy and acting on the site. Bella Poarch, the newest massive star to surface on TikTok, served in the U.S. Army, and fans say that her military background only heightens their interest in her lighthearted and well-choreographed small musical videos. 

Will Serra is another up-and-coming content creator utilizing TikTok to reach the newest generation of media consumers. Serra’s military background isn’t just a fun fact about the comedian. He cites it as one of the big contributing factors to his unique style and presence on the app. Serving in Afghanistan as an intelligence analyst for the Army, Serra disconnected almost entirely from social media for seven years. But during this time, his work interacting with people from varying world cultures helped him to cultivate a uniquely variable comedic style. 

This culturally diverse delivery style has certainly paid off for the former Army man. His videos, which are primarily skits and parodies, have gone viral in 10+ countries aside from the United States. In just six months, Serra’s account has grown from zero to over 108k followers. A wide age range characterizes his primary target demographic, which is likely another facet of his variable, fun, and open style of comedy. 

What is it that makes former service members so appealing to consumers of entertainment media? It’s hard to say for sure. To Serra, his military service prepared him to communicate comedy to an extremely versatile group of audiences—audiences that non-service members may never even encounter. How many other TikTok account holders can say that their videos have gone viral on more than three continents? 

As the global COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage, Serra hopes that his videos will bring some light into the lives of people going through dark times. It seems unlikely that audiences will lose interest in the rising TikTok star, whose work has been shared by celebrities like 50 Cent. With over 2.8 million likes, the world has once again affirmed that servicemembers are not just welcomed, but encouraged, in the world of comedy. 

From Afghanistan to TikTok, Will Serra’s journey to comedy has been unique. And if he has anything to say about it, the story is just getting started. 

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Top 5 common injuries at music festivals

Concerts are an amazing experience, but there’s nothing quite like a musical festival. These events can go on for days, featuring spectacular light shows and a plethora of bands entertaining the masses. While they are absolutely a fun time, there are mishaps. 

With the enormous number of people that attend a festival, not to mention alcohol consumption, the likelihood for an accident is higher than your average day. These are the top five most common injuries and how you can help avoid them. 

1. Heat Injuries

Festivals typically take place in an outdoor setting, leaving concertgoers exposed to the sun for hours on end. While sunscreen can help you avoid a sunburn, high levels of heat can also lead to dehydration and other injuries. Nausea, exhaustion, and seizures are just a few. 

Staying hydrated is the key to avoiding these types of injuries. While it’s tempting to knock back drinks all day, especially if you’re staying nearby or camping on the grounds, remember to pound down a few bottles of water as well. 

2. Broken Bones

Parties of any nature are fueled by high energy and a reckless attitude. The larger the party, the more you can expect of each. Crowd diving, crowd surfing, sitting on a friend’s shoulders, or bumping shoulders in the mosh pit can all lead to injury. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun, but stay aware of your surroundings and don’t partake in these activities if you’ve had too much to drink. 

3. Drinking and Driving

Some festivals feature campgrounds for their attendees while others require people to drive to a hotel or motel after the fun is over. With a mix of alcohol and sometimes drugs, many find themselves over the limit when the lights go down. 

Getting behind the wheel while too intoxicated can lead to property damage or worse. There are countless cases of injuries caused by drunk drivers hitting people, even at slower speeds. If the trip to the hotel includes a highway, the risks are even higher for an accident. Long story short, don’t drink and drive. 

4. Stab Wounds

This is one of the more unfortunate injuries on this list. Festivals bring together a highly diverse group of people, which creates a unified audience and culture at various shows. While that’s a great thing, it also means that everyone in the crowd might not have the same intentions of just enjoying the show. 

Even with security checks, people have been known to bring knives and other weapons into festivals. Some come with the intent to cause harm, while others have one too many and make violent decisions. It’s vital that you be aware of your surroundings and avoid altercations at all costs. 

5. Substance Overdose

Drinking is all a part of the fun for most concertgoers, but festivals tend to include drugs as well. Most of these are illegal or non-prescription, and some of them can be downright deadly. Those who attend festivals often combine drinking with drug use to enhance their experience.

Nine times out of ten, their expectations are met and they thoroughly enjoy the concert without bothering a soul. However, the wrong combination of alcohol and drugs or too much of either can lead to an overdose. Watching your consumption of any substance is vital, but make sure to call 911 immediately if you see someone experiencing an overdose. 

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How to Make Your Event a Smash with Amazing BBQ Food

Having people over for BBQ? Instead of the same old, why don’t you try something that will blow their minds? BBQ food isn’t known for its elegance or its delicate aromas, but it can still pack a powerful culinary experience through smoky and strong flavors.

Check out these 5 amazing BBQ food ideas for your next outdoor cooking event.

1. Pasta Salad, Corn on the Cob, and other Starters

BBQ is not just roasted meat. In its essence, cooking a BBQ is creating an experience for friends and family to bond over food. This experience starts from the moment your guests arrive and before the meat itself is ready.

So, how do you start this amazing social tradition? The answer lies in delectable starters. If your guests are getting puckish from all the smoky aromas, but the meat isn’t ready yet, a pasta salad can save you.

Making pasta salad is easy, and you can follow it up with other easy but amazing starters like corn on the cob and perhaps even potato chips with assorted dips.

2. Country-Style Ribs

Nothing screams BBQ more than country-style ribs. You’ll need to marinade the ribs at least six hours before it’s time to cook them. There are tons of good marinade recipes to choose from, including traditional, Texan-style, sweet and spicy, mustard and honey, orange, and more.

When cooking your ribs, remember that charcoal grilling will give them a smokier flavor, while a gas grill will cook them more evenly and easily. Gas grills are easier for beginners, and you might want to enjoy the best of both worlds with a dual fuel grill that combines both gas and charcoal fuel.

3. Chicken Wings

Delectably delicious and easy to cook to perfection, chicken wings are your best friend when planning the most amazing BBQ events.

You can literally spice your chicken wings up by making different batches. Make a batch of spicy wings for those who like a bit of heat, and an Indian-spiced batch for guests who enjoy more exotic flavors.

There are so many great ways to marinade and cook chicken wings, that you just can’t go wrong.

4. Burgers, Hotdogs, and Kid-Friendly BBQ Food

If you’re having kids or picky eaters over, then you should grill a couple of burgers or hotdogs on the side. Burgers are all about using good mince and you can add a bit of bread in the mix to make them extra fluffy for the kids.

Hotdogs are always a favorite, and you can level yours up by offering an assortment of condiments and relishes for your guests to garnish their hotdogs as they wish.

5. Grilled Mushrooms and Vegetables

Finally, don’t forget your veggies!

Most of us don’t eat enough vegetables. Thankfully, BBQ is perhaps the best way to turn any vegetable into a delicious treat.

In addition to freshly tossed salads, try grilling peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, and mushrooms next to your burgers. You will be pleasantly surprised with the result!

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