4 Tips For Keeping Your Kitchen Clean

The kitchen isn’t always a place that’s easy to keep clean. After all, there are so many people coming and going throughout the day making meals and accumulating dishes; then it’s only a matter of time until it starts to get messy. 

However, the kitchen is one of the most important parts of your house to keep clean.   Failing to keep it tidy won’t just lead to a pest problem but it can even get you sick. Even though you might not love cleaning, a clean kitchen is a must. Take a look at some of the best tips for keeping your kitchen sparkling. 

Clear The Clutter 

The more stuff that you have in your kitchen, the more likely it is to start to build up clutter. Ideally, you should keep as few appliances and other items on the counter as possible. A lot of people have things strewn all over their counters in an attempt to keep things within an easy reaching distance. 

The problem is you’re taking up your prep work space. The less room that you have to work with, the more likely that you are to spill or knock things over. Clear the clutter and keep it minimal whenever you can. 

Always Clean Before You Start Cooking 

One of the best ways to create a messy kitchen is to cook on top of an already messy kitchen. Before you get started on anything in your kitchen area, you should clear it out and make sure that it’s clean as possible. Starting with a clean slate doesn’t just avoid a big mess, but it motivates you to keep things clean continuously. 

Never Leave Dishes In The Sink 

It’s easy to eat something and leave your dish in the sink, thinking, “I’ll get back to it later.” Yet, far too often, people end up leaving their dishes in the sink and letting them pile up. Rather than making yourself a slave to piles of dishes, do them as you go. 

Make it a rule never to leave dishes in the sink, and you’ll thank yourself for it later. It may take a minute to get used to; however, you’ll find that cleaning in small spurts rather than letting things pile up into big jobs is much easier to tackle. 

Wipe Out Your Sink 

There are two kinds of people—those that leave residue in the sink and those that always wipe it out after cleaning dishes. If you’re the kind of person that leaves residue in the sink, stop what you’re doing right now, and go clean your sink. It only takes a few minutes to clean out chunks and debris from your sink and can make a world of difference in how clean your kitchen is!

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4 Biggest Mistakes People Make With Their Diets

One of the best things that you can do for your body is to eat a healthy diet. Whether you’re 20 years old or nearing retirement age, everyone could use healthy foods in their life. However, a lot of people miss the mark when it comes to finding the right balance. While there may not be any perfect diet that works for everyone, there are some mistakes that most people would be better off avoiding. Take a look at some of the most common mistakes that people make when trying to lose weight.  

Eliminating Entire Food Groups  

There are so many diets out there nowadays that focus on eliminating entire food groups that it’s starting to get a bit out of control. Taking breaks from certain types of food may be a reasonable way to lose weight; however, depriving yourself of certain kinds of foods forever isn’t realistic. Instead of cutting out an entire food forever, consider cutting back. 

People who do things slowly and in moderation are much more likely to stick to it in the long run. Whereas people who bite off more than they can chew and do too much all at once usually go back to their old ways fairly quickly. 

Eating Too Little 

The simple fact is that if you’re trying to lose weight, eating fewer calories is the best way to do it. However, some people go overboard when trying to see results quickly. It’s important that if you’re attempting a caloric deficit that you still consume the right amount that your body requires. 

Eating too few calories for a sustained amount of time can result in all sorts of health problems. You could weaken your immune system and even start losing your hair. Always consult with your doctor before cutting back on calories in your diet. 

Drinking Juices 

Juices in and of themselves are healthy. However, drinking too many of them isn’t doing yourself any favors. A lot of people assume that sipping juice throughout the day means that they’re giving their bodies more vitamins. However, what they are also doing is given their body more sugar and calories. 

It’s important that you only drink the recommended amount of juice per day, and ideally, it should be freshly juiced. Juices from concentrate usually lack essential vitamins, and you might as well be drinking soda. 

Forgetting About Exercise 

While diet plays a huge role in your overall health, people forget about the benefits of exercise. Without moving your body regularly, you won’t see the efforts of your diet. Make sure that you’re moving for at least 30 minutes a day doing moderate exercise. A brisk walk around the block is all it takes to reap the benefits of staying active. 

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4 Golden Rules For Cooking Meat

Whether you’re a novice chef or a professional, you buy your meat in a grocery store, or you hunt your own meat, the same tips apply to getting the best possible flavor.  Cooking meat involves getting just the right timing at just the right temperature, and of course, knowing what flavors to add. If you’re looking for some of the top insider tips for how to cook meat, read on.

Choose High-Quality Meats

Even though it might be tempting to buy a cheaper cut, the truth is that you get what you pay for. If you’re just getting started cooking meat, then buying a more expensive cut is a pretty simple hack for getting the most flavor out of it.

When choosing what meat to cook with, the trick is looking for the most fat marbling. The more fat there is, the more taste the meat will have. When comparing prices, know that that little extra amount that you pay will make all the difference in terms of flavor.

Use a Thermometer

There are all sorts of tricks out there for finding out whether your meat is cooked to perfection yewt. However, the most reliable way to tell if your meat is ready to eat is to use a meat thermometer.

Each kind of meat has a unique temperature it must reach before it can be consumed. Beef, for example, needs to reach just about 145 degrees Fahrenheit, while chicken needs to reach closer to 165.

However, don’t make the mistake of believing that meat stops cooking the minute that you remove it from heat. Always remove your meat from heat just before the thermometer shows the temperature that you want it to be at. That way, you’ll know after a few minutes that your meat will reach the perfect temperature to enjoy.

Add Marinades

If there’s one secret weapon that most top chefs agree on, it’s your marinade. Marinating your meat won’t just help tenderize your meat, but it will give it extra flavor.

Consider marinating your meat for an entire night before cooking it. It may seem like an extra hassle; however, the difference you’ll get out of the flavor will be well worth the extra time you put in.

Squeeze Your Meat

No, seriously, squeeze your meat. It may sound crazy; however, you’d be surprised how many people don’t touch their meat enough when preparing it. Squeezing and handling the meat you’re cooking is important because it helps sink all of the flavors deep inside.

Obviously, you should wash your hands and clear off any cooking services after. However, don’t be squeamish about squeezing raw flesh. Squeezing the flavor deep into your meat will take the final flavor to the next level!

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3 Things To Consider When Creating A Custom Kitchen

For many people, having a custom kitchen in their home is one of the ideal ways that they can make a property their own. Because different people enjoy eating and preparing different foods, it makes sense why you might want particularly appliances or accessories built right into your kitchen. But when you’re seeking out your dream home, you may not be able to find the exact property to suit your kitchen needs.

If you can afford it as part of your home loan, you may want to put some money into your kitchen in order to turn it into the exact space you desire. To help you in doing this, here are three things to consider when creating a custom kitchen. 

Keep Like Items Close

The actual setup of your kitchen should have a lot of thought behind it. The last thing that you want to have happen once you’ve gotten your kitchen just how you think you want it is to be working in there only to realize that the placement of certain items isn’t intuitive.

To combat this, the editors of Better Homes and Gardens recommend that you keep like items close together. For example, you’ll likely want to keep your fridge, sink, and stove near one another so that you can easily move between areas and surfaces. Ideally, you should try to eliminate the need to take steps in your kitchen so that you can focus entirely on what you’re cooking or preparing rather than having to spend your time running all over your space. 

Be Careful About Lighting

The lighting that you bring into your custom kitchen can make a big difference is how usable your space is and how easily you can do all types of tasks in that area. 

According to Melissa Dalton, a contributor to, you should try to have various light sources in addition to your basic overhead lighting. Some options you might want to consider could include under-cabinet lighting, task lighting over your stove or in the area where you prepare food, and mood lighting for when you’re eating in the kitchen. 

Choose The Right Location For The Sink

Where you place your sink can really affect the mood of your kitchen. If the sink is situated in a bad place, you may dread spending your time washing dishes or otherwise cleaning in your kitchen.

Knowing this, Sarah Lonsdale, a contributor to, suggests that you place your sink in an area where you’ll have a view. This might mean having your sink face out toward the common area of your kitchen or placing it just under a window so you can see outside. 

If you’re thinking about creating a custom kitchen in your home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you set up the perfect space for your use.


4 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Organized

Many people agree that your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s the place where you cook delicious food which you can then enjoy in your dining room with the people that you love. However, while the kitchen may be the heart of your home, it can quickly become the disorganized heart of your home.

All it takes is a few meals to find yourself with a sink full of dishes, condiments everywhere, and drawers stuffed full of a hodgepodge of items. Not only does it start to affect the way that you feel in your kitchen, but it can even affect the quality of your cooking.

When you’re not sure where to find important items that you need, cooking can quickly turn into a stressful mess. Take a look at some of the best ways to reorganize your kitchen.

Hang Your Pots

Unless you have unlimited drawer space, chances are that your pots and pans may take up a considerable amount of room. If you have the space, it’s helpful to hang your pots and pans from above.

Not only will it save you more covered indoor space, but it’s easier to grab what you need on the fly. Just make sure that your kitchen Is regularly tidied. Otherwise, your pots can gather grease and dust over time.

Organize Sections

When deciding where to store what in your kitchen, it helps to think about your kitchen in terms of categories. Store all things of the same category in one area while saving a different area for others. Things like glassware and plates should all be together, rather than having items spread throughout your drawers and countertops.

Label your Containers

One of the most common complaints that people have about their kitchen is their pantry. It can be frustrating to rummage through random items in your pantry that don’t have any rhyme or reason.

A great storage solution is labeling everything in clear containers. Rather than having half-opened bags of rice and flour all over the place, you can store things in a neatly labeled container.

Do Your Dishes Right Away

It’s a good idea to get into the habit of washing your dishes immediately after using them. Allowing your dirty food plates to pile up is inviting chaos in your sink. Not only will your kitchen be cleaner bye clearing out your sink each time you use a dish, but your kitchen will be much more visually appealing to guests.

If you invite someone over for dinner, chances are they will be turned off by the amount of uncleaned dishes in your sink. An unsanitary kitchen isn’t exactly appetizing.