5 Signs You May Need In-Home Care

Did you know 77% of people aged 50 and older wish to stay in their homes for the long term rather than move into nursing homes or assisted learning centers?

If you’re getting older and find it increasingly more challenging to perform everyday tasks, it might be time to get an in-home caregiver. Keep reading to learn about five signs that you may need an in-home care service provider sooner rather than later.

1. You’re Making Mistakes You Don’t Usually Make

Do you find yourself making mistakes you don’t normally make? Maybe you’re not taking your medication at the specified times, or maybe you’re not changing your incontinence supplies often enough. Another common mistake for some aging adults is mixing up appointment dates.

No, you don’t need a perfect memory. But if things have gotten to the point where you’re making mistakes you wouldn’t have made a short time ago, you might want to take notice. It might be time to contact an in-home care provider to get the help you need.

2. You’re Forgetting to Eat

Do you ever forget to eat? It seems incomprehensible, but it can happen. If you’re losing weight because you do not remember to eat regularly or you don’t want to prepare meals, get some help. It’s a good idea to hire an in-home care provider who can come in and prepare your meals.

If you’re a picky eater and like certain food prepared a certain way, hire someone you know to provide the in-home care you need. There are home care agencies that will allow you to select the person providing the care you require. So, if a loved one or friend cooks the way you like, going with a home care provider who’ll let you choose your in-home care provider is a good idea.

3. You’re Neglecting Personal Care

Another sign that you may need a little help is if your personal care routine is out of whack. Do people you know say you have an unpleasant or off-putting body odor? If so, you’ll want to consider whether you’re bathing or showering often enough. You’ll know some help is needed if you’re not taking baths, brushing your teeth, combing your hair, or changing your clothes regularly. It’ll be worth your while to get the in-home care you require.

4. You’re Unable to Do the Things You Want

If you have difficulty completing regular daily tasks, like self-care, then you may need help. If you can’t take care of your everyday daily needs but still want to age in place, you must find a caregiver who can render the help you need. Doing so can be the difference between remaining in your home and moving to a nursing home. As was mentioned earlier, most adults 50 and up want to be able to stay in their residences and maintain their independence. Getting in-home assistance can help you to achieve this objective.

5. Your Mobility is an Issue

Are you having mobility issues? If you have trouble getting up and moving around, you’ll want to consider getting in-home care. Mobility issues could easily lead to trip, slip, and fall accidents. You’ll want to avoid that at all costs. In addition to getting the help you need, consider making changes in your home. Get rid of clutter, opt for anti-slip flooring materials, and install grab bars in your bathroom and bedroom. Doing these things will keep you safer in your home.

Aging in place is a goal for many people. And unless you’re seriously ill and need to be in a medical facility, you can live out your golden years at home. Planning ahead is best — and knowing when to seek out in-home care is a good idea.

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