5 Delicious Meals To Make Outside

With summer nights on the horizon, people everywhere are enjoying the lovely spring weather. As you soak up the sunlight and make plans for the next few months, why not think about how you can enjoy your own backyard? Spending time outside with family and friends is an excellent way to make memories.

When you’re planning to get together with loved ones, what brings people together more than delicious food?

Luckily, there are many great meals you can cook in your backyard. Whether you have a BBQ grill, a fire pit, or any other outdoor cooking stove, you can make some mouthwatering food without spending much time and effort.

Here are some ideas for creating meals for your friends and family this summer.

Beef and Vegetable Kabobs

When making an outdoor meal, you want to balance elements like protein, carbs, and fruits and vegetables. A delicious way to combine protein and vegetables together is by making a kabob. It’s easy to put various vegetables and small pieces of beef on a skewer and grill or cook them up.

Make sure you season the kebabs or marinate the meat for a soft, flavorful meal. Also, if you have vegetarian guests, you can make a few kabobs without meat to ensure everyone is happy.

Classic Burger and Hot Dogs

Very few things are as iconic to eat outdoors in the summer as burgers and hot dogs. These American classics are popular for a reason: they are just that good! Not to mention, you can make some small changes or add toppings to change the flavor and experience of a hot dog or burger.

The main thing you need to make a BBQ night delicious is some toppings and buns. This way, everyone can create the burger or hot dog they like, which is perfect even for picky eaters like children. Consider letting people add various vegetables, cheeses, and condiments to make their ideal meals.

A Breakfast Hash

While many of the maps on this list are great for lunch or dinner meals, you can also entertain guests and spend time outdoors in the morning. If you’re an early riser or want to bond with others as the sun rises over the horizon, making a delicious breakfast hash will bring everyone together.

There are many options here. You can go with a veggie-heavy hash that includes things like broccoli and bell peppers. Or, you can make a meat lover’s option with some bacon and sausage. A good breakfast hash can be eaten by itself or put on toast or in a tortilla.

Grilled Vegetables

Need a great-tasting side dish that’s healthy and appeases vegetarians and vegans? If so, grilled vegetables are a perfect summertime meal to make outside. You can choose nearly any vegetables you like, but some popular favorites to make on a grill include asparagus and squash. Make sure to add balsamic vinegar, herbs, and spices for a delicious taste.

Skillet Brownies

While dessert might not be a meal, no outdoor gathering is complete without the cherry on top. While you can always cook something inside and bring it outside, making a yummy dessert in a skillet is a fun way to switch things up! With skillet brownies, you’ll get perfectly crisp edges and a gooey center, and what could be better?

With these ideas, you’ll be ready to make delicious meals outdoors that everyone will love.

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