Author: Stan Lee


Finding The Best Things To Do in Louisville, KY

Louisville is home to numerous distilleries, restaurants, sports teams and more. If you are looking to move to the city, you can be sure to find many interesting locations and activities to keep you and your friends and family entertained.  Did you know that Louisville is a food hub? The city is home to YUM […]


Israel: The Startup Nation

Israel is currently considered a startup nation, and for good reason. In 2021, 57 Israeli companies went and raised $4 billion, which is about three times the $1,7 billion the IPOs raised in 2020. In 2022, Israel’s high-tech companies obtained more than 600 deals that resulted in $14.95 billion. The country currently invests 4.1% of […]


The Future of Education

There are many questions students ask themselves as they prepare for college. Many of these questions revolve around money, classes, where the campus is, and many more factors. These are often concerns for many parents as well, who hope their child receives the best education. For many families a financially safe option is starting at […]


What the Experts say About the Future of CBD

As of 2023, 42% of all US states have legalized the use of recreational marijuana. While the subject is very divisive as to the idea of its legalization. In a poll showing the temperature of its legalization, it shows that 21 states including the District of Columbia permit marajuana use in all situations provided the […]


Basic Needs Insecurity Affecting Students’ Success

College students struggling to have their basic needs met have a hard time focusing on their education and achieving success. A national student financial wellness survey found that more than 50% of respondents were experiencing food insecurity and more than 40% showed signs of housing insecurity while more than 10% were experiencing homelessness. Students of […]


How to do Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting will provide any company an advantage over its competition. It also demonstrates to clients how important they are in the broader plan of the organization. This will strengthen their commitment to the firm and turn them into free brand advocates, spreading the word about how fantastic the company is. While a generic present […]