Everything You Need to Know About Furnishing an Empty Apartment  

Whether you are a private landlord who has just invested in a new property and wants to get everything just right before leasing or else a first-time buyer who is looking forward to designing their own space exactly how you want it, when starting with a blank canvas, it can be overwhelming. With that being said, continue reading to discover everything you need to know about furnishing an empty apartment.

Focus on Both Natural & Artificial Lighting Sources 

Perhaps the most crucial consideration when furnishing a completely empty space is to work around the natural lighting emanating from the windows and complement the volume of light with well-positioned lamps and ceiling lights. 

Well-placed and well-thought-out light sources will not only entirely transform the ambiance and overall feel of the space but will also lean into expressing your style of interior design and as a basic guide; the lighter, the better.

Avoid Purchasing the Cheapest Furniture 

Even though, especially if this is your very first apartment, the temptation to purchase the cheapest possible bed frame, set of drawers, and other furniture is hard to resist, spending just a little more money can make you feel much more at home and not like you are living in student dorms. 

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Concentrate on the Entryway

Making a good first impression when friends and family come to visit you in your new apartment and when you enter the space is an important element of furnishing; as such, time and attention must be paid here. 

An affordable yet effective purchase would be a large and, ideally, ornate mirror for the wall opposite the front door over a small table holding personal items and accessories that reflect your personality and the home’s design theme.

An intricate table lamp, a photograph of yourself with friends or family, or even a piece of artwork of your treasured pet above the table will make your guests feel at home as soon as they enter.  

Start with a Clean & Simple Kitchen Design

Unless you are heading to designer store stores with a wallet full of money to invest in the latest trend pieces, you will probably be planning on building your design within each room of your apartment over time. As such, it is best to start with a clean and simple layout when it comes to the kitchen. 

Stick to white on the walls and clear and clutter-free countertops, and if you are coming to this apartment armed with an array of cutlery and dining sets, look into smart kitchen storage that still allows for space and freedom of movement inside the room.

You could always take a trip to your local secondhand shops to source small, antique, or vintage-looking accessories to scatter around the space to act as a hint of the design elements to come. 

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