Beat the Covid Lockdown with These Tips

Who would have thought that 2020 would have been a year with global lockdowns, as the Covid-19 pandemic raged across the world and more than one million people lost their lives. Staying at home might be fine for a few days, but when it stretches into weeks then months, it can become very stressful for some. If you are currently under lockdown, here are a few tips to help you handle the confinement.

  • Take Up Yoga – Yoga would ensure that all your muscle groups are exercised and with virtual online yoga classes, you can practice with others using Zoom. For the best yoga wear, get some Divine Goddess yoga pants, a sports tank top and a yoga mat and you’re good to go. There is a meditation side to yoga and that will certainly help to relieve stress, as being with oneself is very beneficial, both mentally and spiritually, and by setting aside 30 minutes at the start of the day, you can prepare mentally for the coming experience.
  • Social Interaction – Imagine being unable to leave your home before the days of the Internet! Luckily, we can chat to all out friends with a video call and check out their Facebook feeds to keep abreast of what they are doing. While we cannot get the social interaction we need when out and about, we can still communicate with people, using the Internet, so do make a point of calling friends now and then. Here are a few health and wealth predictions for 2021, which makes for an interesting read.
  • Change your Schedule – While we mostly have a daily routine when at home, this can become very tedious day after day, so change the order that you normally do things, just to add a little variation to your daily life. Taking a walk in the afternoon should take care of your physical exercise needs and if you are fit and healthy, compile a short weight training session that you can do every day.
  • Balanced Diet – People can be quite lazy when it comes to preparing food when at home and with online suppliers of organic fresh fruit and vegetables, you can have fresh produce delivered to your door once a week, which you can keep in the fridge. If you shop at the online health food store, you can make sure that you are eating a balanced diet and taking a daily vitamin and mineral supplement is advised for the over 40s.
  • Daily Exercise – This must be a priority, which can be carried out either at home or outside, with a program that is suitable for your age and physical condition. Bike riding is great for all ages, or even a brisk walk early in the mornings, as long as you get the required amount of exercise. Click here for Australian Covid-19 updates.

It is worth noting that the Internet is a wonderful source of information and can be used to learn, to keep abreast with current news and even to source entertainment, so make sure that you spend at least one hour per day doing what you love and that should keep your spirits up.

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