Common Food Safety Mistakes

We feel safe in our modern kitchens, surrounded by the latest technologies and convenience and we all had drawers full of cleaners and we do our best to keep a sanitary space to cook in. However, food borne illnesses are still a thing, and serious food poisoning is no joke. It can lead to permanent issues and even death. Some of the things people do wrong, happen during the cooking process itself and have nothing to do with the cleanliness of your kitchen. Here is a list of some of the bad habits that can end up making you sick.

  • Thawing meat: Frozen food is something that revolutionized how we eat, and the things that are available to us year-round. They also help keep food items safe from spoiling for long periods of time, until you are ready to make them into a meal. But things can go wrong when you thaw things out, particularly meat. If you do suspect food poisoning you can contact Instant Consult for a quick assessment of symptoms.  If meat is thawed on the counter, or in water, it should be cooked right away. If you thaw it in your refrigerator it will be a lot safer and it will be okay for a couple of days if you keep it covered.
  • Reusing Surfaces: A common vector for food contamination is the reusing of surfaces, like cutting boards and serving trays. Especially when you are dealing with raw meat. It is easy to get careless when you have a lot going on, like a big barbeque party with lots of hungry guests. If you are cutting up meat you must at least wipe down that surface, and the knife as well. There are often dangerous bacteria lurking on the surfaces of the meat. This bacterium will be destroyed when you cook the meat, but other food items, like salad, will not be heated, and the bacteria will be transferred to your guests.
  • Fridge Contamination: You might think that everything is safe in your fridge, that once things are put away there are in a germfree zone and you don’t have to think about it. But the refrigerator only inhibits bacteria, and it doesn’t kill it. You can witness this when you see things going bad. The items in your refrigerator that are at risk are the items that will not be cooked. It is important to keep these items above the items that will be cooked. That way there won’t be bits of infected food dropping down into the things you would like to eat fresh.

It is not difficult to keep things safe, you just need to be aware of how contaminants can spread around. Cleaning is often a big help, especially your hands, before and after you handle food. It can seem inconvenient, but if you have ever had to watch someone go through a struggle with e coli, or giardia, you will know why it is best to play it safe. It is also a good idea to teach your children to have good habits in the kitchen, so you won’t have to worry about them when they are cooking on their own.

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