Mental Health Issues: Online Solutions to Beat Covid-19

Australia has been hit very hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, with lockdowns and stay-at-home directives, which can be very stressful for some people and due to the medical services being overwhelmed, many people who have mental health issues are not getting the treatment they need. As we all know, talking to someone is very beneficial when we experience stress and there are organisations that offer virtual therapy using VoIP platforms such as Zoom.

Virtual Therapy

Fortunately, there are online organisations that offer virtual therapy for things like:

  • PSTD
  • Anger management
  • Addiction
  • Mood swings
  • Domestic abuse
  • Social anxiety
  • Grief & loss

One such organisation, is Peaceful Mind Psychology, who offer virtual therapy on a wide range of issues and they help many people to deal with stressful situations and are always happy to help in any way they can.

Video Consultations

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, you are advised to take some video therapy sessions with your psychologist and as you can interact together much like you would if you were in the same room, there is nothing lost when the therapy is via a video call.

Matching a Psychologist to Suit your Personality

It really does make a difference if you like your psychologist and some health providers will match the psychologist with your personality, which maximises the benefits you will receive from the therapy sessions. Research tells us that when a patient strikes up a positive relationship with their therapist, they gain a lot more from the sessions and when you have the opportunity for a psychologist match-up, this is good news. It is important to have adequate sleep and if this is an issue, try to do something about it, as lack of sleep can have health consequences.

GP Referral

While you do not have to be referred to a psychologist by your GP, if you do this, you are entitled to rebates on the cost of the treatment. If you make an appointment with your GP, simply explain that you wish to have some therapy sessions with a qualified psychologist and he or she would refer you to a local practice.

The Pandemic

Having to stay at home for long periods of time can be very stressful for some people and if you are showing signs of stress, perhaps it would be a good idea to talk to a psychologist, a professional who is trained to discover what the issues are, while also helping the patient to overcome their obstacles. As we are all unique in our own ways, some people respond to stress better than others and it can lead to heavy drink or drug use, or binge eating, which is a source of comfort for some. If you, or someone you know is showing signs of extreme stress and anxiety, talking to a qualified psychologist is the best solution. Click here for Australian government information about mental health and well-being.

We are often in need of professional help during times of stress and if the lockdown has caused you to be out of work and you need someone to talk to, remember there are qualified psychologists who can give you virtual therapy and they are only a Google search away.

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