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Food Drink Report

HCG Diet Tips for Any Vegan or Vegetarian

Are you looking to learn more about the HCG diet? Well, you’re in the right place. In premise, the HCG diet holds the same requirements for vegans and vegetarians. However, there are some important things to keep a note of, because the diet will differ tremendously for both. In this article, we will cover some […]

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A Gourmet’s Guide to Bangkok

If you are planning a visit to amazing Thailand, Bangkok offers a treasure trove for the senses, with a colourful and vibrant ambience that has a surprise around every corner, and if you are a food lover, prepare yourself for a once in a lifetime experience. Bangkok Street Food If you’re the adventurous type and […]

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7 Underrated Food Cities in North America

When people think of North American food cities, people usually think about places like Chicago, New York, or even Memphis. Others might think of places like Montreal, St-Louis or New Orleans. But the continent is so vast, and there are so many hidden gems in between, that many food cities are often left out of […]