Florida’s Hidden Cusine Secrets

There are thousands of restaurants to choose from when picking from online menus. Given that the nation is still somewhat shut down due to the pandemic, it’s important to support small businesses in any way possible. People like Chanoch Harow enjoy supporting these restaurants because they really need as much help as possible during the nationwide shit down. Ordering takeout and tipping on these orders really shows that the restaurant and communities are cared about in Florida. 


This is a sushi restaurant that features Japanese style courses and meals. It is located in Orlando, Floria, and has a sushi or sake bar. They have won the following award since 2017; Scoot Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide: KAndance (2019), 2019 Dining Awards: Critic’s Choice for Best Japanese (Orlando Magazine, 2019), 21 Best Restaurants in Orlando, Florida (Conde Nast Traveler, 2019), Foodie Awards: restaurant of the Year (Orlando Sentinel, 2019), Omakase (Edible Orlando, 2019), The Best Food & Restaurants at Disney World, Orlando (Bloomberg, 2017). It has such a variety of flavors to offer guests and provides Japanese cuisine in the best way possible. 

The Old Spanish Sugar Mill Grill and Griddle House

This is a true American restaurant. It has all you can eat pancakes under six dollars and serves a little bit of country with every meal. Although it may seem like this is just a pancake horse, they actually offer much more. It is located on the DeLeon Springs State Park and offers history tours about the Fountain Of Youth. This included boat tours and self-paced kayak times. This is a wonderful place to spend the afternoon and recommended by those visiting the area. 

Abe & Louie’s 

This restaurant is a class American steakhouse with flavor combinations out of this world. It is located in Boca Raton, Florida, where Chanoch Harow lives. They have a preferred guest loyalty club that allows people to earn points towards every dine-in experience. It was opened in 1965 by Charles F. Starkin in Boston. It is unmatched by many other steakhouses in the country and also offers very decadent seafood. The steak is Mideastrn and they have awarding wine for many people to indulge in. 

Overall, these restaurants have a very diverse array of flavors. The more people visit and support them, the better chance they have of surviving during the pandemic. It’s clear that without the proper support from communities, these restaurants will greatly suffer. On behalf of all Florida residents, please order from these restaurants when possible. The chefs have curated the most amazing meals for people to enjoy. 

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Best Hanukkah Treats 2020

Hanukkah is such a remarkable time for many people. It is a time to celebrate the lights and the time everyone shares as a family. That being said, here are some great sweet treats moms like Rachel Harow enjoy preparing for Hanukkah. This is a wonderful way to celebrate the Festival of Lights. Hanukkah, which means dedication in Hebrew starts on the twenty-fifth of Kislev. This usually ranges between November and December depending on the Hebrew calendar. It is called the Festival of Lights because it is celebrated by lighting the menorah, which is represented by candles. This beautiful holiday is the best way to celebrate the future and celebrate with delicious treats. 

First, there are people enjoying preparing Hanukkah Peanut Butter Cookies. Almost resembling a dribble, they can be decorated in all shades of blue and are great for kids. Next, Apple Pie Latkes are a traditional dessert. By swapping potatoes with apples and adding brown sugar or cinnamic, this classic dish takes on a sweet taste. Next, the Chocolate Babka is a very traditional treat to have during this holiday. It is an oldtimer recipe and takes a few hours to make. There are always delish Shabbat Cakes which are very easy to construct and can be customized based on a family’s preferences. The classic, Sufganiyot, or jelly donut is extremely delish. Many grandmothers always buy extras of these at their local store because the grandkids eat these up in no time. On the other hand, Baked Olive Oil Donuts are another fluffy dessert that is perfect for Hanukkah. For those who want to really have a workout, making jelly or chocolate-filled hamantaschen is a great way to show homage to traditional recipes. If those feelings are not ideal, then filling it with Nutella or minced nuts is always another option. 

Black and white star cookies are always a crowd-pleaser. Many people purchase a start cutter from the local grocery store or craft store than space the dough accordingly. These are also great for children to decorate with Star of David sprinkles and so forth. Rachel Harow says there so many more desserts that can be found online or in Hanukkah recipe books. Many of these recipes can be found online or on Pinterest. There is endless support for Jewish communities that commemorate all they have been through with food. All these goodies have been passed down by generations to show the impact they have on tradition. There is a limitless amount of combinations a person can put together during the winter season. The holiday is so beautiful and sharing moments of baking or cooking with family makes it even more special. These are all kid-friendly and will help them pass traditional recipes along to future generations. 

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The New Groove: Smoothies

There are many ingredients that can be incorporated into someone’s daily routine. These healthy ingredients start up the metabolism and clean the digestive system. Helen Schifter, a wellness expert, enjoys including vegetables and supplements into her smoothies when she makes them. Smoothies can be very biased and specified to a person’s taste. However, this is why they are so great. When a person has allergies or health requirements, they can easily customize their smoothies to whatever they like. With there being so many varieties of smoothies, anyone can come up with their new favorite recipe. There are endless ingredients and hoping for them can be very fun. Looking on social media like Pinterest for recipes is highly recommended by professionals before venturing out into the store. It can give a person a more specific idea of what they are looking for. 

The first type of main smoothies is a green smoothie. This is mainly based on vegetables and some fruits. Intruding spinach, kale, wheatgrass, and many other antioxidant dense foods is great for a person’s digestive system. In addition, adding some hummus or peanut butter allows for a more nutty taste. Green smoothies are very healthy and taste delicious. If one doesn’t have the proper vegetables at home, simply replacing veggies with a powder is great too. This can be found in most grocery stores and is great for on-the-go smoothies. Next, fruit smoothies are the most common. They usually include lots of blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, and even blackberries. These are dense in vitamins and also great for gut cleansing. The best part about this varsity of smoothies is that they are wonderful for those who have a sweet tooth, and can be dairy-free. 

When someone is creating new recipes, it’s important to try a variety of different supplements. Many people you green powers as a way to get in their vegetables. It’s great to see wellness experts give advice about such tribulations. Spinach, celery, and bananas are great opportunities to get iron and potassium into some diet. Many people like to compare smoothies with milkshakes which is very incorrect. Milkshakes are highly made from dairy products and can cause bloating and stomach aches. Replacing those highly fatty ingredients with non-dairy kinds of milk is a better alternative. Almond milk, cashew milk, and coconut oils have high fat but are great for dairy-free options. Finally, when a person is picking the ingredients, remember that once it is all mixed in, the most dominant tastes take over. For example, putting in something that might not be appetizing on its own is perfectly fine paired with peanut butter or fruit. It truly depends on what the individual wants and needs. Helen Schifter says that trying smoothie bars in one’s local area is the best way to figure out what a person likes, before buying in bulk. Remember, smoothies aren’t for everyone. Yet, there are so many varieties that people can make, especially during different seasons. Adding pumpkin and nutmeg spices into smoothies can make it more fall-like. Overall, there are unlimited ways people can make smoothies and get healthy!

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Cooking At Home vs. Eating Out in 2020

Many of us enjoy occasionally going out to eat. It is very nice to get away from the house and enjoy a luxurious meal at a restaurant. On the contrary, people pick to eat out at fast food venues or easy restaurants as well. Eating out is very fun for kosher people like Shalom Lamm. When a person chooses to support a small business, it’s very exciting. By doing so they are building revenue for the company and helping the restaurant brand itself better. Although it’s rare for a person to peat out more than once or twice a week, people have developed a love for trying new places daily. Eating out can be very entering and super exciting, especially if it’s someone else. There is a common theme to dress up when a person goes out because it’s a special event. Obviously, due to COVID-19 having social events is greatly looked down upon but can be very exciting to look forward to. 

Since there are so many different restaurants out there it’s easy for people to pick a customizable meal. Yet, nothing is as customizable as a home-cooked meal. This is because when someone decides to cook they can make sure they know every ingredient in the dish. It goes without saying that both are great options. When a person chooses to go out, it might be with friends or a partner. However, when someone is cooking for a holiday or family feats, it might be more fun to have everyone together at the home. It truly depends on the individual and what their preference may be. In addition, cooking at home is very relaxing. Usually, it’s on a person’s own time and they make the rules about what is included in the meal. During the holidays, it’s a chance to show off a person’s cooking skills and collaborate on meals with friends. There is a certain sense of freedom when a person is cooking at home. Those with allergies benefit from cooking at home because there is much  

Those with allergies might be more prone to eating at home because there is no fear factor. Eating out can be frightening for those who have airborne allergies. However, both are great ways to eat. Depending on the day Shalom Lamm chooses whether he will eat in or out. Like many can imagine, eating out or in is a very difficult decision for people. Usually going out costs somewhere between fifteen to thirty dollars a person. This obviously depends on where a person picks to eat. If they choose a fast food place they will obviously be spending a lot less money. The benefit of cooking in s=is that a person can meal-prep. This allows a lot of money to be saved and dinner to be ready for every night of the week. Many companies like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh market on people who cook at home. This helps them brand themselves as more affordable and sustainable when in reality, it’s equivalent to ordering out. However, it is up to the person and their financial standing on what they choose to do. 



The term veganism is very popular nowadays. It is clear that people have made lifestyle changes to better serve their communities and the planet. By going vegan, many people reduce the production of milk and animal slaughters. There has been an ongoing debate on whether or not veganism was the original way of life. When did people start drinking snail milk? How did the first humans survive off of plants? Is meat actually good for us or are there other ways to find protein? These questions constantly circulate the internet and make it difficult for people to decide what the right answer is. Scientists and Alexander Djerassi have pondered these questions for long amounts of time. Many corporations like Whole Foods and Trader Joes have produced lines of products that are dairy and meat-free. It allows for vegan people to get adequate protein and still be healthy.