Best Seasonal Coffee Flavors

Unique Coffee Flavors

Seasonal coffee flavors are an important part of any good cup of coffee. Finding a good flavored coffee can be a difficult task if you don’t know what to look for, and it is often best to experiment with a couple different flavors to see which one is the best, or at least most popular, amongst your peers. Here are our top recommended hot chocolate and cappuccino coffee drink flavor picks from Alexander Djerassi:

Pumpkin Spice – One of the most popular seasonal coffee flavors, pumpkin spice is created by throwing pumpkin seeds into hot water, creating a light, fluffy mocha. It’s the perfect blend to take out on a cold autumn night. This is also the only flavor that comes with a gift – the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice cup.

Espresso Iced Cappuccino – A wonderful combination of espresso and Cappuccino. Espresso is light and has a very subtle flavor, making it great for opening the senses and allowing the warm flavors of your coffee to flow through your palette. On top of that, the medium body of medium body coffees makes it easy to enjoy the rich flavors of this delightful blend of seasonal coffee flavors.

Autumn Leaves – What if there were coffee flavors that changed with the changing seasons? This would be a truly amazing offering, bringing to mind the first sip of our favorite pumpkin spice cup of Joe. It starts with a light cinnamon-flavored base but quickly changes flavors as it warms up. The pumpkin spice almost seems to melt off the cup as it mixes in with the nutty notes of the coffee. And then there is the woodsy smell of the leaves. It has an almost pine taste that will set off your autumnal holiday mood.

Apple Cider – Delicious apple cider latte with the tinge of pumpkin spice. Who doesn’t love the combination of pumpkin spice and a cool refreshing latte? This wonderful offering pairs perfectly with the apple cider vinegar taste of fall. It will add a touch of spiciness to your autumn day. Best of all, the apples don’t go sour even when it’s steamed.

Alexander Djerassi is a frequent seasonal coffee drinker and explains how there are many seasonal coffees you can try roasting with to enhance the richness and flavor of the beans. If you haven’t tried any of them so far, you should give them a shot. They are not only unique, but also delicious tasting. So, prepare yourself for that autumn office coffee taste buds.

Since we already went through the entire process of reviewing seasonal coffee flavors so far, we know, just like everyone else, that we all have certain standards that we want our coffee drinks to adhere to, so Djerassi compiled a list of some of the best seasonal coffee flavors currently available in the market. Have also come up with a list of very common questions we all have ourselves and answered. We hope this article helps those who are new in the world of coffee appreciation, as well as those who are already hardcore coffee drinkers. Happy reviewing!

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