Veganism In The 21st Century

What would make a person want to stop eating meat and only vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts ECT.? One would wonder why a person may want to cut meat, eggs and dairy from their diet, but there are many reasons for doing such a thing. Helen Lee Schifter, a wellness expert, is highly motivated to being vegan in the fashion industry.  First off, the health benefits are amazing for most people who choose to eat this way. Quite a few celebrities’ who eat this way have aged beautifully and they are not the only ones. Most peoples bodies respond very well to veganism. It is gentle on the digestive tract, as well as extremely healing when done right. For people who struggle with digesting dairy products, this is also something that can help. There are certain vitamins a vegan must remember to supplement into their diets though. One is vitamin B9. This is a vitamin found in lots of meats and so one would need to be taking the proper supplements and making sure they have a good source of healthy fats.

Second, becoming vegan can have huge benefits for loosing weight when implemented properly! There is lots of vegan ‘junk food’ and that is a habit one would want to avoid when thinking of trying veganism. Using veganism has helped thousands to loose weight and get off prescription drugs as well! Another concern people may have is that meat processed in todays meat farms is full of anti biotics and harmful additives that have been linked to cancer. The meat industry uses cruelty to animals and therefore, the meat one may consume is stressed and much different than that of which humans in early history were used to eating. Humans are getting sick from the industrial processed meats and are finding that transitioning to Veganism is helping them to heal and giving them better health as well as a higher quality of life.

There is one thing to be aware of as one is transitioning into veganism. One may feel flu like symptoms about a month after cutting out meat, dairy and eggs. this is because the body is doing a sort of detox as it becomes use to the new way of eating. It is reported to usually last about a week and then goes away. These are things one should think about and do a lot of research on. There are reports of people living veganism who look as if they are in their 30’s when they are actually in their 60’s and 70’s. So one reason to choose such a lifestyle would be for the anti aging effects of cutting meat, dairy, and eggs from ones diet. Human bodies respond very well to lots of greens and superfoods. So in this age of being able to acquire most any type of food one wants, it now makes a lot of sense to eat this way. Helen Lee Schifter, recommends trying vegan cuisine. Before the modern day one had to eat what ever was available to them and usually the variety of foods were very minimal. Ones choices are vast now.            

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