The Outdoor Gourmet Barbeque Kitchen

Dinner parties are great, especially for the talented foodies and those with kitchens fit for chefs. But not everybody enjoys the atmosphere. However, when you go to a barbeque, you will be hard pressed to find people who aren’t enjoying some aspect of the experience. And everyone likes eating food prepared outdoors. Barbeques are the inclusive food party that everyone can enjoy. If your desire is to throw the best parties. You might consider that instead of dropping 30k on a kitchen makeover, perhaps you can become a legend by building the ultimate barbeque kitchen and throwing the best outdoor events.

  • Build Your Stage: Now is your opportunity to build that deck you have been thinking about, because you are going to need a place for the magic to happen. In the centre of the deck shall be the outdoor kitchen. Build up against your house so you have wind protection. Install some stone or slate outdoor cladding tiles for heat protection and to establish this as the barbeque zone. Now consider how many people will be your max attendance. You should design for a flow through pattern, like a buffet for people to select their items and fix their plates, a long island with cabinets underneath to store your outdoor dishes and condiments.
  • Assemble Your Gear: What you want to design is a proper outdoor kitchen centred around an oversized gas grill. You don’t want to be going into the house for anything. So in addition to the grill you want to have a gas stove with multiple burners. You’ll need an oven for warming, a microwave, a double length sink, a prep counter, a commercial deep frier, a smoker, and a beverage fridge. Above it all you want to have some weather protection, either a permanent roof or a rollout awning. Also consider that your appliances should be built in, and they should be covered in some way when they are not in use.
  • Become a Connoisseur: Now if you are going to go to all that effort, you need to have a few signature dishes. Everyone can make a decent hamburger or grill a steak, but if you master the smoker and have a legendary chilli, you are going to get some BBQ cred. And if you really want to make a splash, start introducing actual gourmet recipes to your backyard parties. There is no shortage of recipes, and websites like this one can guide you to becoming a backyard master chef.

Outdoor kitchens are not new, in places like Southeast Asia the outdoor kitchen is standard. It is an excellent way to keep your home free from cooking smells and all the atomized pollutants that slowly stain everything in your house. Outdoor cooking just feels better, and most people insist it tastes better. But above all, outdoor cooking is superior for entertainment. It is only a certain crowd that likes a formal dinner party. Hosting next level outdoor barbeque parties, especially if the food is outrageously good, is going to establish you as the entertainment master of the neighbourhood.

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