6 Hobbies You Can Learn During a Lockdown

There likely isn’t anywhere in the world that people don’t know what you mean when you talk about a lockdown. It is something that the world is experiencing together and maybe someday we can use our shared experience to build a better world. But for now, we have some extra time on our hands. Time is a very valuable thing, and if you are fortunate enough to have a big block of time with nothing to do, you should spend some time thinking about in what ways can you improve yourself or what would you like to learn now that you have the time. Here are a few suggestions for lockdown hobbies.

  1. Crochet: crochet is a very relaxing hobby that can result in some useful products for you or your friends. Essentially, you are making fabric from yarn or some other fibre. It is like knitting, where you pull loops of yarn through other loops, making a fabric, the main difference is that knitting uses needles and crochet uses hooks. You can even buy high-quality crochet hooks as there are some very experienced artists doing crochet.
  • Home Brew: If you enjoy a beer now and then, this might be just the time to learn how to make your own. The home brewing hobby has really caught on in recent years, and the lockdown gives us both the reason and the means to become our own brew masters.
  • Learn an instrument: There really isn’t going to be a better time to learn how to play an instrument. Especially if you spend your days alone and there is no one to bother as you try to make sweet music. YouTube is loaded with instructional videos for any instrument you can imagine. Of course, you will have to find an instrument to play first.
  • Learn How to Paint: Just like with music, YouTube is loaded with instructional painting videos. No matter what medium you want to learn there are experts and excellent teachers that take you further from any level of skill. You might even make a little money back if you find a market for your art.
  • Reading: Ok, you probably don’t have to learn this hobby, but if you don’t know what to read, the internet is full of book lover testimonials. And there is always Guttenberg that is full of free eBooks and Goodreads, which will help you narrow in on the kind of book that suits your tastes.
  • Tik Tok: This might be the time to start a new social media career. With no one around to make you self-conscious, now is the time to get a little crazy or a little creative. Just make a few clips for fun. Who knows, you could be going viral, in the right way?

Of course, there are plenty of other ideas out there. The important thing is to make the most of this time, because when it is gone you might not get another opportunity to focus on self-improvement or just doing things for the sake of doing them.  In our previous lives, we were too busy for this stuff, so look at it as a blessing. Be safe out there

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