At Raves, Why do People Wear Accessories?

While wearing sunglasses at night is not usual in most bars and clubs, you might be shocked at the number of individuals who do so at any given party or midnight session at a music festival. If you’ve ever wondered why people wear glasses (like these: at raves, you’re not alone; it’s a cause of consternation for many newbie ravers. However, it is not just eyewear that causes confusion when it comes to rave attire. If you’ve ever approached a rave and observed individuals wearing what appear to be surgical masks (pre-COVID-19 outbreak), you’re probably equally perplexed. There are other fascinating aspects to rave culture’s attire and accessories, which we’ll break down for you.

Wearing sunglasses or goggles (or refractory glasses that resemble sunglasses) at night may seem unusual, but there are a few reasons for its prevalence. To begin, if you’ve ever attended a festival like EDC, where neon lights, strobe lights, glow-in-the-dark, and LED lights illuminate every stage, you know that the lighting for your favorite acts may be blindingly bright. If your eyes are very sensitive or if you’ve been staring at all those lights all day, it might result in headaches and make the entire experience quite unpleasant. Second, some individuals simply adore the sight of sunglasses at night – it’s very badass, to be honest. After all, if you’re wearing sunglasses, there’s no need to worry about how your eye makeup has held up during the day. As a result, some sunglasses are used solely for fashion purposes.

Sunglasses, on the other hand, are not the only game in town when it comes to rave glasses. Kaleidoscope glasses, refractory glasses, and other kinds all interact with the lights and lasers that emanate from festival stages, bouncing them in all directions for a surreal experience. While the light and laser shows at any rave will always be cool, kaleidoscope and diffraction glasses can elevate your experience to new heights.

Rave masks are another source of confusion for many newcomers, yet wearing masks to parties dates all the way back to the 1500s, when the elite donned masquerade masks to attend exclusive meetings. Today’s raver is more inclined to use masks due to the numerous benefits they provide.

To begin, party masks are critical for protecting your lungs from the dust and debris that are unavoidably kicked up at any outdoor EDM music festival. Coachella and Burning Man take place in naturally arid places, so they’re likely to be dusty even in their finest years. Without a mask, a breeze or your fellow ravers dancing up a storm can propel grit and dust into your lungs, where they combine with the moisture in your lungs to form mud. This can result in serious disease when your body attacks the dust and your airways become too congested to get the necessary oxygen. It’s obviously not something to take lightly, and a rave mask can help alleviate the problem.

Whatever you prefer to wear to raves, you’re definitely interested in building a fun aesthetic that allows you to express yourself while remaining comfortable. Over the years, rave masks have evolved into one of the numerous accessories that have been synonymous with the rave culture, alongside face gems, paint spatter, harnesses, kandi, and neon hair extensions.

Sites such as iHeartRaves sell rave masks in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles to match your attire, or you can let your imagination run wild and create your own one-of-a-kind creation. However, do not mix them with Halloween masks Because rave masks are not interchangeable! There are illuminated masks, LED masks, glow in the dark masks, purging masks, and half face masks available, some of which are even rechargeable.

Additionally, rave masks provide an aspect of anonymity, which some individuals enjoy. While a rave is an ideal environment for letting go of inhibitions and being yourself – after all, there is no place more accepting, loving, and free-spirited than a party – not everyone feels completely free when surrounded by cell phone cameras. Rave masks provide a measure of privacy if you’re not entirely confident in your dance routines or would prefer not to have the details of your attire plastered all over the internet. If you’re seeking for a way to blend in with the crowd while still being yourself, a rave mask may be the answer!

At first look, the abundance of plastic pony bead bracelets looping around the arms and necks of many festivalgoers and ravers may appear out of place. These bracelets, known as kandi, are as much a part of the festival scene as glasses and masks are, and they’re a big deal.

Kandi are intended to be exchanged and distributed during festivals and raves as a token of friendship and to uphold the rave code of PLUR – peace, love, unity, and respect. When you connect with someone at a party, it’s common to trade kandi after performing the PLUR handshake, which entails chanting “peace, love, unity, respect” and then switching kandi. Along with being a pleasant way to convey positive feelings, they make excellent souvenirs for remembering your new acquaintances. If you forgot to bring kandi to your first rave or festival, do not despair; it is usual for individuals to donate kandi to others who do not have any as a gesture to welcome them to rave and kandi culture.

Kandi is also an excellent method to express yourself, as many people create their own kandi rather than purchasing it, ensuring that it is truly unique. Kandi can be used to create single strand bracelets, larger bracelet cuffs, or even face masks, so the possibilities are truly endless. Some people alter the theme of their kandi to correspond with a particular event or performer, while others incorporate their own names or favorite quotes. Certain events, such as EDC, even include kandi-making stations where attendees may sit and create their own kandi on the festival grounds. That does sound like an excellent way to unwind and make some new friends, doesn’t it? However, some festivals prohibit kandi owing to concerns about trash, so be sure to check the festival’s restrictions before attending.

To the uninformed, it may appear unusual that ravers and festival attendees are carrying enormous poles painted with a variety of ribbons, colors, and emblems, but these poles have a purpose. Totems, as they are referred to, are an excellent way for groups of ravers and festival goers to ensure they can locate one another in a crowd, and we all know how congested a rave or festival can get. With so many people utilizing the network, finding mobile phone service can be difficult at times, and cell phone batteries frequently die prematurely. Through the use of a distinctive totem, group members can locate one another and ensure that everyone is accounted for throughout a festival. Before constructing your next totem, check the festival’s standards for permitted materials and, if possible, use an extending pole. If an extendable pole is not available, utilize a pole that is tall enough to not obstruct anyone’s view of the stage. It’s beneficial to utilize a variety of colors and symbols or emotions that are unique to you and your crew, as this eliminates the possibility of having similar totems with another group. Memes are an excellent way to connect with other ravegoers, since everyone enjoys a good joke!

Totems of memes

There are numerous unique aspects of rave culture that may appear unusual to novice ravers, but after you attend your first event, everything will make complete sense. Whatever kind of expression you select, be certain you’re radiating PLUR and keeping the pleasant vibes flowing.

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