6 Simple Ideas to Elevate Your Next Dinner Party

6 Simple Ideas to Elevate Your Next Dinner Party

Sometimes, it can be fun to hold dinner parties and spend time with your loved one creating good memories. However, some people feel like dinner party hosting is an impossible task. Whether you are holding a dinner party for the first time or you’ve done it before, here are six simple ideas to elevate your dinner party.

1. The Table Setting Should Be Right

At every dinner party, the table setting is the focal point for all people present. You can set the tables depending on the season and your preferences. For example, you can include some tones of gold and glitter for a Christmas table setting and some soft pastels for an Easter table setting.

Knowing the occasion will help you understand what to include when setting the tables. You may also incorporate some themes and patterns such as flowery, formal, industrial, and seasonal, among others. Additionally, you can include centerpieces such as mix and match serving dishes, standout flower arrangements, bistro lights, and table runners.

2. Choose the Right Candles for the Party

When planning a dinner party and considering the tableware, you shouldn’t forget some candles. They add a warm feeling and set the dinner party’s mood. Since there are several types of candles available, choose depending on the theme of your party.

For example, if you plan to have a fancy dinner party, consider the ivory or white tapers because they don’t have strong scents. However, ensure the tapers aren’t too tall to avoid interrupting your guests from having a clear view of whatever happens at the party.

3. Use a Simple Flower Arrangement

If you are not so good with flower arrangements, it’s quite a relief to know that there are several simple setups you can do without help. Since flowers have seasons, it would be best to choose flowers that are in season when holding the dinner party.

You may buy flowers and put them in vases, jars, or cans. Also, consider getting different varieties of roses, trim their stems and place them in vases on the table. Your flower arrangement should be low to prevent them from avoiding eye contact with the guests.

4. Select the Right Music

Having some background music at the dinner party will make it more enjoyable and festive. Preparing a music playlist before the big day is a great idea to play it without interruptions. Avoid playing too loud music because no guest would enjoy shouting. Consider having different playlists for every part of the night. For example, you can have a playlist for when the guests arrive when having dinner and another for chatting after meals.

5. Have Cigars for the Guests

Most people love cigars, some with wine, others with whiskey, and several others with food. Since you will serve all these during the dinner party, adding some cigars will make the evening more enjoyable for many. While there are no rules for pairing cigars, the guests will choose how to enjoy the cigars best. Consider having various cigar flavors for people with different preferences.

6. Include Some Games

If your guest list includes people from different areas of your life, have some games to enable them to start conversations that will help them know each other. If you invite guests who know each other, they can use the games to have fun.

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