5 Superfoods For Your Skin

Diets rich in multiple nutrients provide multiple advantages to the skin. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish such as tuna provide essential hydration benefits; additionally they contain vitamin E and zinc for better overall skin health.

Leafy greens contain vitamins A and C, both proven effective against dry skin conditions. Furthermore, they contain folic acid to support healthy cells.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is an incredible food to nourish the skin. Packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants like cocoa butter that acts as a natural moisturizer; and boasting serotonin and phenylethylamine aphrodisiac chemicals which boost sexual drive, it makes dark chocolate an indispensable treat.

Dark chocolate is an excellent source of flavanols, which improve blood flow and combat skin discoloration, as well as copper which supports cell growth and strengthens your immune system. For maximum benefits, opt for dark chocolate with a high cacao percentage – milk or white chocolate that contain added sugar should be avoided; vegan varieties are available if dairy allergies or sensitivities exist.


Watermelons are beloved summer snacks, but they’re also an incredible ingredient for improving skin. Jennifer Yen of PURLISSE skincare reveals that refreshing watermelons contain antioxidants, vitamin C and nitric oxide – essential skin-loving nutrients which work together to improve complexion.

She notes that watermelons contain both lycopene and vitamin C – essential components that reduce inflammation and oxidative damage and prevent discolouration – while malic acid acts as a natural exfoliant, helping minimise fine lines and wrinkles and minimise fine lines and wrinkles. Malic acid also acts as an exfoliant.

She suggests massaging a mixture of watermelons and tomato pulp onto your face once or twice weekly to get rid of excess oil and smoothen your complexion. For dry or dull skin types, apply a thick layer of watermelon juice on the face for 10 minutes to slough off dead cells from your complexion.


Broccoli has recently made waves in the beauty industry as an amazing superfood for skincare with many advantages for your skin. Packed full of sulforaphane, which helps reduce inflammation and neutralise toxins while strengthening immunity against infections, broccoli is a nutritional powerhouse.

Vitamin C-rich supplements contain anti-ageing properties to combat free radicals that accelerate skin aging and boost collagen production, while antimicrobial peptides help relieve acne breakouts.

Broccoli Seed Oil (Broccoli Oleracea) stands apart from most oils by being non-comedogenic and won’t clog pores, making it suitable even for sensitive skin types. Not only that but this natural ingredient contains plenty of antioxidants to keep skin nourished and healthy as well as reduce redness while helping balance pH levels of your complexion.


No matter if it is consumed through juice or added to salads, spinach provides an abundance of vitamins and nutrients for your skin. Vitamin A helps control oil production in pores and hair follicles to avoid acne breakouts; iron is needed for hemoglobin protein which transports oxygen directly to skin cells to keep the complexion looking vibrant; lack of oxygen leads to pale and lifeless complexions.

Spinach contains high concentrations of vitamin B and C which help protect skin from UV rays that may contribute to premature ageing, while Vitamin B stimulates hair growth while decreasing dandruff occurrence.


Cucumber has soothing and cooling properties that help soothe skin conditions and diminish puffiness, while its silica content keeps skin hydrated for healthy and radiant appearance.

Cucumbers possess mild astringent properties which help regulate oil production, tighten pores and minimise excess oils that lead to acne breakouts. Furthermore, cucumbers contain plenty of vitamin C and caffeic acid which are both great remedies for sunburned or irritated skin conditions.

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