When to Go to Louisville Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are known for being a limited but sweet event located in just about any city. They tend to run for only a few months, weekly, for a few hours at best. This makes it pretty hard to fit into a busy schedule. Although here are some tips for those looking for farmers markets in Louisville

First, there are very few farmers markets active in the winter. There are some, markets like Bardstown Road Farmers Market and Crescent Hill Farmers Market, but they are a minority. Instead, most end anywhere from September to October at the latest. Phoenix Hill NuLu Farmers Market, for example, is a market known for its great staff which ends on October 31st. 

In terms of the day markets are active, the best day to go is undoubtedly Saturday. Eastwood Village Farmers Market, St. Matthews Farmers Market, Beechmont Open Air Market, and Westport Road Baptist Farmers Market. These farmers markets are all open Saturday. In terms of what days to avoid, Monday is an extremely rare day of the week to host markets on. Beulah Farmers Market will be one of the few options if this is the only day available. 

Finally in terms of times, almost universally markets open before noon and close after it. There are some exceptions, those that start and end a bit later. Although it’s rare to find any market that stays open for more than a few hours at a time. 

So to review, markets are open during the warmer months, on the weekends, and in the mornings. There are exceptions to these rules, as there are so many markets worth visiting. Although following these rules will keep anyone on track for exploring some interesting vendors and locations. 

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