The Future of Education

There are many questions students ask themselves as they prepare for college. Many of these questions revolve around money, classes, where the campus is, and many more factors. These are often concerns for many parents as well, who hope their child receives the best education. For many families a financially safe option is starting at a college or technical college. These colleges allow students to explore their options and receive an associates degree. One of the perks to these types of colleges is they cost less than a public or private university. The state of Kentucky calculated the cost of a two-year community or technical college at $6,000 annually. 

When the choice is made that a two-year college is the best fit for a student, one way to ensure their success is by enrolling in a transfer pathway. A transfer pathway offers students guidance in their journey from a two-year college to a university. This provides them with resources such as; admissions, credit transfers, and the community at their selected university. These resources are key factors in the students’ success. 

After the student is done with their two-year degree and move on it may take them anywhere from two to four years to finish their bachelor’s degree. Most people know of the two plus two model of college. This is two years at a community college and two years to finish their bachelors. This has only been found to be the case for 8% of students nationally. More popular, students complete their bachelor’s degree four years late, at 54%. The other 41% of students graduate with their bachelor’s degree three years after. 

Transferring to a university can be very beneficial for students. When institutions work together and collaborate on resources students are set up to succeed. This is done by recognizing the needs of students and meeting those needs. This can also be accomplished by removing barriers that hold students back.

Transfer success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative

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