Israel: The Startup Nation

Israel is currently considered a startup nation, and for good reason. In 2021, 57 Israeli companies went and raised $4 billion, which is about three times the $1,7 billion the IPOs raised in 2020. In 2022, Israel’s high-tech companies obtained more than 600 deals that resulted in $14.95 billion. The country currently invests 4.1% of GDP into R&D, which is twice the OECD average. 

The city of Tel Aviv alone is one of the largest startup ecosystems worldwide with a $120 billion startup value. The city currently has a total of 92 unicorn companies (those valued at $1 billion or above). The country as a whole has one of the highest world venture funding per capita with more than $950 B. 

Israel’s business success can be attributed to several factors, including security threats forcing Israeli businesses to operate globally, government programs like Yozma helping to match outside venture capital investment in an Israeli startup, and tax incentive programs helping with R&D. The Abraham Accords have helped Israel increase their economic reach in the Middle East as well. 

While being home to some of the world’s unicorn startups, the country also holds a popular global investor summit each year that attracts more than 900 entrepreneurs, 111 delegations, and 380 portfolio companies every time. With Israel’s strong history of incredible innovation and current success in the tech space, we can expect the country’s impact to further increase globally in the near future.

How Israel Has Emerged on the Tech Scene

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