What are the best Delta-9-THC Gummies?

Looking for legal THC gummies that ship to all 50 states? Rare Cannabinoid Company has you covered with the best Delta-9-THC gummies (left) as well as extra strength THCV gummies to curb the munchies. 

Are you looking for a way to relax after a long day that doesn’t include a beer or glass of wine? Have you heard of Delta-9-THC gummies? Yes, they contain the primary psychoactive ingredient found in cannabis, but these days they can be made from hemp and shipped to all 50 United States. Here, we’ll tell you about the best Delta-9-THC gummies on the market and how to grab yourself a free packet of 10 gummies from Rare Cannabinoid Company.

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What is Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol?

This cannabinoid is found in both cannabis and hemp and may offer relief from occasional pain, inflammation, and nausea, while aiding relaxation and sleep. It can also offer a blissful feel.

Is Delta-9-THC legal?

In the United States, products made with Delta-9-THC from marijuana can only be sold in cannabis dispensaries. However, edibles infused with a full spectrum Delta-9-THC oil from hemp can be legally sold in stores and online outside of dispensaries as long as they contain less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC.

Are Delta 9 gummies safe?

Always check that cannabis and hemp products are made in a cGMP-certified facility and show third-party lab test results for each batch of each finished product they sell. Rare Cannabinoid Company goes above and beyond the usual requirements and has easy-to-read lab test results available by QR code and on their website. The best Delta-9-THC gummies contain all-natural ingredients and a full spectrum THC oil, not isolate. Rare Cannabinoid Company’s THC Mood Gummies are vegan, all natural, and flavored with fresh lime and mint.

Where can I buy Delta-9-THC Gummies?

You can buy Delta-9-THC gummies online and in many of the hundreds of locations that stock Rare Cannabinoid Company products. 

How much does Delta 9 cost?

Luckily, even the best Delta-9-THC gummies won’t break the bank. Rare Cannabinoid Company’s packets of 10 gummies cost $25 and their bottles of 30 gummies cost $49. 

What makes Rare Cannabinoid Company’s gummies unique?

Each gummy contains 5mg Delta-9-THC and high levels of CBD for the entourage effect. But, what makes them truly special is that they also contain CBC or cannabichromene. CBC has been called “nature’s antidepressant” as it raises levels of a molecule in the brain, called anandamide, that makes people feel happy and have less stress and anxiety. Combining CBC with CBD THC gummies really makes them the best Delta-9-THC gummies offered today.

THC vs. THCV for the munchies

THC can increase hunger, but there’s another cannabinoid that actually suppresses appetite and may support weight loss. This rare cannabinoid is called THCV or tetrahydrocannabivarin. Although it sounds similar to THC it has totally opposite effects as it is also a stimulant that can increase concentration and alertness. You can also buy THCV from Rare Cannabinoid Company. In fact the brand offers a large amount of different cannabinoids, each offering its own benefits. These include CBN for sleep, CBG for discomfort, and many more.

Where can I find more information?

There are many scientific studies on THC, CBD and other cannabinoids. Due to the previous illegality of hemp and cannabis, many studies have only been carried out in a laboratory setting or on animals. However, there are others that have reached clinical trials on human adults and children. Rare Cannabinoid Company offers links to dozens of studies on their website as well as a list of cannabinoid advisers for people who need more specialized advice. 


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