A Rundown of the Supplement Industry

Ever found yourself interested in trying supplements? You would not be alone, as 55% of consumers worldwide take vitamins and supplements on a daily basis. Consumer confidence in the supplement industry may be attributed to a variety of factors, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, poor global health indicators, and new scientific backing for vitamins. Whatever the reason may be, the supplement industry hit record growth in 2021 and is bound to keep on growing. 

Marked by fast changes and upcoming trends, the supplement industry is projected to reach a global value of $98.6 by 2031. New supplement categories have entered the scene, with products like sleep gummies up 1,483% over the last five years. Additionally, new ingredients are taking center stage, with beta-alanine, which controls muscle fatigue, now being found in 87% of pre-workout supplements. Finally, DTC supplement brands are on the rise, with company Your Super reaching $70 million in revenue.

With the vitamin industry and its nutritional complexity growing, it is important to understand who is on the forefront of this change. Ernesto Sigmon, founder and CEO of Black Edged, Karen Howard, CEO of Organic & Natural Health Association, and Dr. Uma Naidoo, Nutritional Psychologist at Harvard Medical School, are three examples of those shaping the industry. Be sure to remain up to date on supplement trends in order to maximize what they can do for you.

The Business of Supplements
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