7 Design Tips for Choosing a Food Truck’s Exterior Look

Are you looking to buy a food truck? Food trucks are becoming a popular method of selling your food. They are very mobile, and you can always find customers instead of them finding you. Designing your food truck is key to attracting more customers to your vehicle. A good design will bring more customers translating to more profits. Here are seven tips you can choose from to design your truck.

1- Think about Painting

Painting is the most popular design to make your truck attractive. Paint with a color that will be outstanding since customers can choose a truck depending on their taste in different colors. Hand painting comes with the challenge of having a brand logo on your truck.

2- Consider Truck Wrapping

Using a wrap is an alternative to painting that can attract more customers by adding graphics and art. Installing wraps is quite expensive and difficult to install, but they are durable and easy to clean. A wrap allows you to have your logo, which will help customers who know you find your truck easily.

3- Display Your Menu

Your menu should match your design and use an easy-to-read font and color. The menu should be visible from a distance so that customers can find themselves having a closer look at the truck.

A handwritten menu sign will add a better look. It should not be too big or too small. People should be able to read it from a distance while still in the queue. Make it as eye-catchy as possible and utilize a person with good handwriting.

4- Have an Awning

An awning provides customers with a better experience by adding character to the truck. You do not want not to have customers during the rainy season when they do not have a place to hide. Even during the summer, you will find customers looking for shade. Having a food truck with an awning attracts more customers because they will be more comfortable.

5- Incorporate Your Food into the Design

Your design should match the type of food you are selling. If you sell only fish or chicken food, you can have your truck’s shape close to that. Pictures of food on the truck’s exterior are a must-have. The colors you will use will also depend on the type of food. If you are doing more salads, then a green-colored food truck would suit.

6- Use a Digital Television

Television can be a great way to display your menu. You can get to highlight offers available every day, and people can see the message from a distance. You can also add your preparation methods and give hints while customers are waiting for service.

7- Add Lighting

Lighting creates a feeling of safety for your customers, especially at night. When it is dark, customers will tend to go to the truck with enough illumination. Customers are also able to see without struggle what they are being served.

Designing a food truck is everything to making a first impression. The success of your business depends on that first impression. Designing a food truck on your own requires attention to detail. You can hire professionals such as graphic designers to help you with some designs.

It is important to capture the attention of customers by being outstanding. Remain consistent with your brand and do not forget to add your phone number, social media pages, and website.

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