8 Home Improvement Ideas To Prepare A House For Warm Weather

It’s that time of year again. We pull into the driveway and notice the house looks a little dull. Winter has made its mark on your house, so it’s time to get outside with a giant eraser. Everyone loves warm weather (beaches, theme parks, pools, BBQs,) but your house isn’t ready for it yet.

1. Clean The Gutters

The accumulation of leaves leftover from fall and other debris stop up the gutters when it rains. The water has nowhere to go but out of the gutter and onto the walls of your house. When this happens often enough, water gets into the basement and the inside walls of the house. To avoid a larger repair bill, clean the gutters every spring and fall.

2. Power Wash The House

Moss, algae, mold, mildew, and debris harm a roof’s shingles by eating away at them. These things do the same thing to the siding on a house. By that time, harmful things have gotten inside your house and made your family ill. Not only that, but you have to repair the damages. Power washing your house rids the shingles and siding of harmful things, makes it glow, and gives it a longer lifespan.

3. Smart Thermostat

Energy efficiency is a way of life now. Homeowners are paid incentives to adopt this way of life. Begin your energy efficiency journey with a smart thermostat. These have been proven to save homeowners up to 12 percent on heating and 15 percent on cooling. Installation isn’t that expensive and will pay you back in the coming years.

4. HVAC Maintenance

What’s the use of getting a smart thermostat if the HVAC unit isn’t efficiently cooling or heating? Clean any leaves or debris away from the outside unit’s fins with a broom. Have a professional check the motor, coolant, electric, filters, ducts, and registers at least once a year. This is one household item you don’t want breaking on a scorching day.

5. Energy Efficient Windows

New energy-efficient windows not only add to curb appeal, but they add to your checkbook by lowering energy costs. Go with dual pane windows, because the air and gas between the panes keep cool air in and hot air out in summer and vice versa in winter. They also add to soundproofing the rooms in which they’re installed.

6. Pest Inspection

Pests don’t hibernate during winter. They seek shelter just like everyone does. Do you notice a musty smell around the house? Do you see droppings that resemble black pepper? Do you see brownish casings lying around? This is when you need to use pest control products to protect your house from unwanted pests.

7. Check For Rot

Winter is a cold, wet time of the year. Its effect on wood isn’t good. Check your trim with a screwdriver. If it sinks into the wood, then rot is present. Save yourself some money and trouble by hiring a professional to repair the rot.

8. Check The Water

If you didn’t wrap your outside water spigots for winter, then check them for leaks in spring. You’ll need a supply of washers for the spigots and a water hose to check for leaks.

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