Diet, Exercise & More – Factors to Focus on When Reaching for Fitness Goals

When it comes to reaching a specific fitness goal, most of us focus solely on exercise and forget that there are several other important variables. Exercise is just one part of the puzzle; many other compounds help you reach your objective. Fitness goals keep you grounded and force you to look at the big picture to ensure you meet your targets.


If you want to tone up or lose weight or bulk up, you must have an exercise routine that is built on the principles of training. Your body is quite clever and it quickly adapts to new stimulants.

For example, let’s say you want to get fitter, and you have been looking at Johnson’s Electric treadmill for sale to put in your home or office. There is no point in running at the same pace every day expecting to see results. You must think about concepts such as progression, reversibility, and adaptation.

Your exercise programme needs to change every few weeks to ensure you challenge your body to adapt and make changes at a cellular level. You can do this by changing the intensity of your workout by speeding up the treadmill or adding more weights to your squat. Exercise is only one part of the equation, there are others you must consider.


You are never going to lose weight or build muscle if you are not eating the right type of food. What you eat has a huge effect on your results, most personal trainers will tell you that your diet is far more important than your exercise routine.

You can burn off as many calories as you like on a treadmill or rower, all of that exercise will be for nothing if you do not analyse your diet. It could take over an hour to burn off 800 calories and 5 minutes to put it back on consuming bad food.

Healthy food and exercise go hand in hand, you will not achieve your goals if you neglect one and focus on the other. Here are some things to remember when opting for a balanced, healthy diet.

  • Carbs, fats & protein – Look for natural carbs and proteins and avoid any processed food. Choose healthy fats like monounsaturated and polyunsaturated.
  • Fibre – This is key to maintaining a healthy digestive system.
  • Vitamins & Minerals – Most of these are found in healthy food sources like fruit & vegetables.
  • Water – Staying hydrated and drinking water is a vital part of a healthy diet.


Many people forget that sleep is an essential component when it comes to health and fitness. Your body repairs itself while you sleep, so for positive training adaptations to occur, you must get enough rest. Sleep is one of the most important but overlooked factors in determining performance.

Many people do not understand the relationship between nutrition, exercise, and sleep. To ensure your reach your fitness goals, you must focus on these three essential components. All of them play a vital role in helping your achieve your objectives, whether to lose weight or gain muscle.

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