5 Smartphone Apps to Monitor your Health

Of all the many benefits humanity receives from the digital revolution, the health sector might be at the top of the tree, and with smartphone apps, you can easily monitor many aspects of your health. Here are our top 5 health apps that you can download onto your device today.

  1. Instant Heart Rate – Measure your heart rate while working out or exercising; simply put your finger over the camera lens and the app will tell you your heart rate. This free to download app is ideal, as it can be used at any time and you don’t need any equipment aside from your smartphone. This app works best with a camera that has a flash facility.
  2. I-Care Health Monitor – Another free app, this one measures your heart rate and blood pressure, plus it can also measure respiratory rate, pulse wave, oxygen, lung capacity and even colour blindness. Simply place your index finger over the rear camera lens and hold it until instructed, and multiple testing is recommended for accuracy.
  3. My Plate – Calorie Checker – Perfect if you want to lose weight, this handy app tracks your calorie and water intake on a daily basis, and with a handy barcode scanner, you can record food items with ease. The app can also give you calorie and weight goals, and with a free download in Android or iOS, you can keep track of your dietary input and know when you are in need of hydration.
  4. Pulse Point – This app can be a lifesaver for a person with heart issues, as it can notify a specific carer of a change in heart rate, and once the CPR alert has gone out, the carer can take action. Companies that develop apps use SEO services by Move Ahead Media, a leading UK agency that has an impressive list of clients. The more people know about the app, the better, and digital marketing is used to maximise the exposure, encouraging users to download the app and receive the health benefits it brings. If you are looking to lose weight, here are some tips on when to fast, which is recommended reading.
  5. Kardia by AlivecOre – This is another free EKG app, with approval from the FDA regarding clinical validation, and it allows you to track your exercise routine, sleep patterns, dietary habits and respiration. This app does require the use of Kardia Mobile, and it helps the user by monitoring and sharing your health data with a physician, while also providing EKG analysis from certified cardiologists. Here is some UK government information about cardiovascular disease.

The healthcare sector benefits greatly from the use of smartphone apps and if you would like to browse what’s on offer, go to Play Store and check out the innovative apps that can monitor all aspects of your health. All of the above apps are free to the user, and the future should bring AI merged tech that will be able to diagnose diseases at a very early stage, which is good for everyone.

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