Ken Kurson: Should Offices Eliminate the Use of Paper

With the constant debate of climate change circulating in politics and news, Ken Kurson has an opinion on what he believes is preeminent for the corporate world. Kurson acknowledges that the corporate world still uses an immense amount of paper and unsustainable products, but that can be reconstructed and changed for the better. 

His experience has been primarily based on broadcasting and journalism. He has written several books, wrote and edited articles for The Observer and California Globe, and so much more. Although he is guilty himself of using paper throughout his career, he knows it’s time for a transformation. 

One of the first steps Kurson took to be more green in his personal life by planting. He enjoys planting vegetables and small trees wherever he can. This allows oxygen to be penetrated back in the world and assists with so many other environmental factors. The earth is in a crisis because of the high temperature it will reach in the next decade. Although most of that percentage is allotted to people burning fossil fuels and greenhouse gases, stopping paper production would be an adequate solution.

If the world just suddenly stopped the production of paper and paper goods, the forests, water, air, and carbon emissions, would be stabilized. Many offices don’t think of how much paper they use because they are more concentrated on business relations. Kurson suggests there should be a person hired in each industry who specializes in environmental sciences. This would allow business people to concentrate only on business matters while a professional environmentalist came up with incentives to help the office stay greener. 

Think about it, if there were costs associated with not recycling or using an abundance of paper, people wouldn’t do it. It’s the same for major corporations. Kurson urges them to hire professionals that can rework how they run their offices and operations. With such an increase in digital activity for all of humanity, corporations will have to start adapting to newer technologies. 

Presentations are now done online, a meeting is held through Zoom, and contracts can be signed digitally. Overall, the world is changing to become more immersive with technology so that’s why the paper should be eliminated from offices. Ken Kurson values for companies like Amazon and Google that are setting goals to have zero net carbon emissions by 2030. Those billion-dollar companies may be able to rework their entire production system but other companies can take small steps to benefit the planet as well. Reducing the amount of paper in each demographic will drastically change the way of the world, according to Book and Film Globe. Billions of people will have to commit to being paperless for this initiative to really have a strong effect on all societies. Pollution is a grim issue and the machines used to cut down trees are horrible in terms of greenhouse gases. Kurson knows that this will be a challenge to many. Sometimes offices function off of paper and non-recyclable items. However, for the benefit of the environment, these changes need to start happening within the next year. If America were to start the ball rolling on paperless corporations, maybe the rest of the world would follow in its footsteps.

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