Best At-Home Chicago Inspired Meals To Make During Quarantine

Just because we are all stuck at home doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy typical Chicago cuisine. A deep-dish pizza is a lot easier to make then it seems and can satisfy a family’s urge to go out and get exposed.  Ken Kurson recommends supporting small businesses in any way one can. However, also cooking at home is always a fun and interventive option. 

Obviously, making deep dish pizza is a given. It takes a few hours and can really be a fun experience for the whole family. However, making some famous Chicago milkshakes is a super easy treat to make. The trick is basically to add as much lactose as you can. The midwest specializes in some of the best dairy in the world so using extra ice cream is certainly recommended. The famous Italian beef sandwich can also be curated at home. With the right ingredients, any of your favorite Chicago style foods can be done at home. The whole point is to make a fun experience for your family members. Midwesterners are huge in maintaining healthy relationships with family members. By inviting everyone in the kitchen to create a dish could help create new memories and help people find joy during these trying times. Ken Kurson highly enjoys making food with his family because it helps them remain positive during the pandemic.

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