Travel Channel’s ‘Hotel Impossible’ with Anthony Melchiorri: premiering April 9

First, there was “Mission Impossible” (thanks Tom), then there was “Dinner Impossible” and “Restaurant Impossible” – now, the Travel Channel is helping out a few hotels by sending in “Hotel Fixer” Anthony Melchiorri, in its new series, “Hotel Impossible“. This weekly one-hour show, airing every Monday at 10 PM ET/PT, will show Anthony monitoring online reviews, critiquing standard service practices, and making decisions on hotel infrastructure. Each episode will feature a different hotel with the owners completely relinquishing control and livelihood in an attempt to resurrect their establishments.

“I have been a hotel expert for more than 20 years — and it never gets boring. I walk into a hotel and know immediately what needs to be fixed. I still get excited about helping people turn around their hotels,” says Melchiorri.” My goal for this show is to make sure you never look at a hotel the same way again.”

Upcoming episodes will feature The Penguin Hotel, Miami, FL; Motel New Yorker, Miami, FL; Ocean Manor, Fort Lauderdale, FL; The Purple Orchid Resort & Spa, Livermore, CA; Hotel Corpus Christi Bayfront, Corpus Christi, TX; La Jolla Cove Suites, La Jolla, CA; and Bromley Sun Lodge, Peru, VT.

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  1. I caught just a brief moment of the Travel Channel show the other day “Passport to Europe” and they were in a beautiful hotel or villa in Positano, Italy. I searched the TC website but cannot find it. Does anyone know the name of that place? It was gorgeous…
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